Innovative Motion Control and Fluid Handling Products and Solutions

We at RG Group have created solutions for businesses in a wide range of markets including Entertainment, Military and Defense, Industrial Machinery, Mining and Extraction, Marine, and many more. Our engineers take the ideas and simple drawings given to them and create unique products that fit exactly what our clients are asking for. Here you can watch some of our case studies and see just how we went from being given a simple idea to designing and building a fully functional engineered solution. Our case studies span from the design and build of a custom hydraulic system for braking control of a large motion simulator for a hit television show to the design, build, and installation of a central hydraulic system in a state-of-the-art testing facility at a large research university to the design and build of a central hydraulic system for steering control on high-performance yachts for a premier custom yacht manufacturer.

Engineered Systems and Solutions

Creative Thinking: or how our engineers took an idea and a simple drawing and turned it into a unique electromechanical system with sensors capable of measuring the air velocity profile in a research facility's 4 foot wide smoke stack

One size just doesn't fit all when it comes to Flexible Outsourced Manufacturing.

Take a look at the way we do it at RG Group. Find out more about the process and why it might be a great fit for YOU!

Flexible Outsourced Manufacturing

Take a look at some of the benefits of our Flexible Outsourced Manufacturing Services. This fast-paced video showcases a series of hydraulic pumping units capable of moving 20,000 gallons of water F A S T!

Rail Car System

Ron Harrison (Engineer/Project Manager) and Maria Kauffman (Controls and Automation Applications Engineer) explain some of the special features of a complex hydraulic rail car build.

U.S. Navy installation - Part 1

RG Group team created a new large vessel interface for "lift-on lift-off" exchanges at sea for the US Navy. Engineered Solutions Project Manager Jamie Omvig gives an overview of this 18-month project.