Customer Forms

As a motion control technology company, we have a large selection of parts and services to offer. To get started working with us at RG Group, we have several forms you can complete to streamline the process.

These forms are available for your convenience:

Shopper Registration Form

CLICK: Shopper Registration Form

If you’re a new to RG Group, or if you’re already an existing customer of RG Group (or one of its divisions) and wish to register to become a website shopper, follow this link to get started.

For this quick and easy form, you’ll simply need to provide some primary account information like company name and your name, email and phone number. You’ll also create a password so that you can easily log in and out of our online system.

Sign up for Fax Invoice Service

CLICK: Sign-up for Fax Invoice Services

If you’re an existing customer of RG Group (or one of its divisions) and wish to sign up to have your invoices automatically faxed, you may follow this link.

Request Invoice Copies

CLICK: Request Invoice Copies

If you’re an existing customer of RG Group (or one of its divisions) and have received a statement from us, you may request copies of invoices by following this link. Please have your statement handy.

Credit Application

DOWNLOAD: Credit Application Form (PDF)

If you’re a new customer with us, you’ll fill out this form so that we can put your account on file. You’ll need to provide your information, your accounts payable information, bank information, supplier information and your requested credit line amount. Starting a line of credit with us will help make your ordering process as fast and smooth as possible every time.

Motion Control Engineering Company

RG Group has more than 60 years of trusted experience as a global leader in motion control and fluid handling products and solutions. We specialize in applications for electromechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic technologies for many businesses in a variety of industries. As an industrial part distribution company, we offer a wide variety of top-brand products, including fittings, valves, vacuum pumps, hoses, compressors, filters, air and gear motors and more. We carry only the best manufacturers of these products, such as Parker, Gast, Jastram, Doosan and more. In addition to our large selection of high-quality products, RG Group acts as an industrial repair services company, providing custom solutions to meet your company's exact needs. Our factory-trained technicians will work with you on your project from concept to design to installation and more, bringing their expert knowledge and wealth of experience to every project. Among our many services, we offer emergency repair, field service, installation and more.