Manufacturers Directory

RG Group has more than 60 years of trusted experience providing motion control and fluid handling products and solutions. We carry only the best parts from select premier industrial parts manufacturing companies. Our industrial manufacturer directory contains the best names in the business, including:


Parker Hannifin has been a global leader in control and motion technologies for more than 100 years. We carry a large selection of their products, and we also have brick and mortar Parker stores throughout the mid-Atlantic region that each carry more than 3,000 Parker hydraulic and pneumatic products. Our categories of Parker product lines for RG Group include the following.

Parker Hydraulics

  • Hydraulic vane, piston and gear pumps
  • Hydraulic directional, mobile and control valves
  • Hydraulic filters, particle counters and accessories
  • Hydraulic cartridge valves
  • Hydraulic accumulators and coolers
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic motors
  • Electronic controls, touch screens and sensors
  • Hydraulic oil purification systems
  • Hydraulic rotary actuators

Parker Instrumentation

  • Process control valves
  • Instrumentation fittings
  • Ultra high-purity face seal and weld fittings
  • Instrumentation quick couplings
  • Autoclave high pressure fittings, valves, pumps and tubing
  • Pressure regulators
  • PTFE and PFA fittings, tubing and valves
  • Cryogenic valves and controls
  • Instrumentation manifolds and valves
  • Thermowells
  • Multitube® bundles
  • Heat trace tubing
  • Mass ow controllers
  • Flow meters

Parker Pneumatics

  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Pneumatic directional and control valves
  • Pneumatic filter, regulators and lubricators
  • Pneumatic fittings and tubing
  • Vacuum generators and controls
  • Pneumatic rotary actuators
  • Pneumatic air dryers

Parker Racor

  • Racor fuel filtration
  • Racor fuel cleaning systems

Parker Electromechanical

  • Human-machine interface (HMI) screens
  • Servo, linear and stepper motors
  • Motion and machine controllers
  • Drives and inverters
  • Linear and rotary positioners
  • Electric cylinders
  • Positioning cartesian robots
  • Gearheads

Parker Fluid Connectors

  • Hydraulic tube fittings
  • Hydraulic hose
  • Industrial hose
  • Quick couplings
  • Synthetic hose and fittings
  • Hose crimping equipment
  • Tubing bending equipment

Parker Gas Separation and Filtration

  • Chillers
  • Nitrogen gas generators
  • Coalescing compressed air filters
  • Air dryers


  • Gast provides innovative pneumatic products. They eliminate downtime and are easily serviceable and highly versatile for top performance.
  • Vacuum pumps and compressors
  • Air motors and gear boxes
  • Regenerative blowers
  • Pump and tank combinations


Jun-Air is a leading supplier of air compressors in a variety of industries, including medical, dental, beverage, industrial and more. Their compressors are energy-efficient and quiet for minimal noise output.

  • Quiet compressors and accessories
  • Pump and tank combinations


A leading provider of quick couplings, connectors and fittings for plastic tubing, CPC provides products with increased efficiency and performance in the systems for which they are used. Their products can help your business meet the challenges of today’s fluid handling market.

  • Sterile quick couplings
  • Luers and blood pressure connections
  • General purpose couplings
  • High-purity couplings
  • Medical-grade couplings
  • Multiline couplings
  • RFID couplings
  • FSF and food-grade couplings
  • Liquid cooling couplings
  • Drum dispensing systems


Doosan is an industry leader in creating robot and cobot systems. They provide cutting-edge products that will give your business a competitive edge in the market.

  • Collaborative robots and systems


A leading manufacturer of collaborative mobile robots, Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) develops user-friendly robots to help companies increase the efficiency of their operations.

  • Mobile autonomous robots and systems


Ace provides industrial shock absorbers, vibration technology, gas springs and more. Their products include vibration technology such as air springs and rubber-metal mounts; damping technology including damping plates; and push and pull gas springs as well as:

  • Shock absorbers
  • Gas springs
  • Vibration isolation equipment
  • Rotary dampers
  • Velocity controllers


Fanuc America Corporation is a top supplier of factory automation, robots and CNC systems. Their high-quality products have a track record of increasing productivity and profits, making them a great choice to use for your next project.

  • Industrial and Collaborative Robots
  • CNC Products
  • Industrial IoT


For a trusted automation supplier, remember that Balluff has top-of-the-line products. They specialize in systems and sensors for identification, position measurement, process media monitoring, object detection and industrial image processing. Their automation products will help bring your company into the digital industrial world.

  • Promity and photoelectric sensors
  • RFID
  • Power supplies
  • Linear tranducers
  • Industrial networking
  • Vision systems
  • Cables
  • Safety


Destaco provides containment, automation and workholding solutions with a product line that includes:

  • Robohand gripping solutions
  • Power and manual clamps
  • End effectors
  • Indexers
  • Remote handling
  • Their products are used in a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, life science, food processing and more.


Gems provides a large selection of sensors and controls, including:

  • Pressure sensors and transducers
  • Level sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Solenoid valves
  • Gems products are of the highest quality, with ISO certifications and quick and efficient manufacturing processes.


Jastram designs and manufactures steering systems for marine applications. They work closely with Naval engineers, ship builders and designers to ensure that products are expertly designed and built for maximum performance.

  • Marine steering systems and components


Rotzler is a leading manufacturer for winch systems for pulling and lifting loads as well as hydraulic winches. Their high-quality products always meet the highest technical and safety standards.

  • Hydraulic hoisting winches
  • Hydraulic pulling winches


When it comes to force, temperature, level, flow and pressure measurement products, Wika is a global market leader. This family-run business with global reach offers top-of-the-line products, including:

  • Pressure gauges, sensors and switches
  • Process transmitters
  • Diaphragm seals