Automation Solutions

Bringing you the most comprehensive array of automation technologies.

RG Group is committed to bringing you the most comprehensive array of products and technologies for your pneumatic and electronic automation needs. We offer much more than great parts from quality manufacturers; our in-house engineers will help specify and evaluate the products you need for assembly applications. Whether your needs are simple or sophisticated, RG Group offers the flexibility, expertise and solution options to meet and exceed your specific needs.

RG Group specializes in customizing and distributing high quality directional and process valves, actuators, grippers, air preparation, dryers, vacuum, and fittings at competitive prices. We provide electronic solutions for object detection, linear measurement, level sensing, radio-frequency identification (RFID), networking, vision and power supply applications.

RG Group is your premier source for light-industrial collaborative and robust industrial robots to meet all your manufacturing automation needs. We provide an assortment of pneumatic and electronic automation components and solutions, live customer support experts, and a large inventory that offers same-day shipping.

Custom Systems and Solutions

While we offer a broad range of standard components, providing solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ defined performance requirements is a priority at RG Group. Our experienced in-house engineers welcome the opportunity to assist in the design and manufacture of custom componentspneumatic and electronic control systems, and industrial automation that best fit your needs.

RG Group is a leading supplier of custom automated manufacturing equipment for the Health Sciences, Energy, Transportation, Mining, Industrial/Consumer and Electronics/Telecommunications industries. Our diverse knowledge and structured processes enable our specialists to work in partnership with you to conceptualize, design, build, integrate, install and service any-sized custom automation. RG Group’s unmatched expert solutions teams tailor products and systems to meet – and exceed – our clients’ vision and defined performance requirements.

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Ever consider ROBOTICS to save on costs?

The manufacturing world is changing. And so are its technology requirements. An industry that once looked to automation to drive volume production is now seeking to gain an edge in flexibility as labor rates rise and availability falls and consumer demands constantly change. When it comes to manufacturing trends, you might even say that Flexible is the new Fast.

Up to 90% of manufacturing tasks still can’t be practically automated. But that number is falling steadily. Smart, collaborative robots that adapt to real-world variability, excel in semi-structured environments and change applications quickly have arrived. And, they are becoming the solution of choice for companies looking to boost flexibility, efficiency and quality in their operations.

The future is here, are you ready to be a part of it?

RG Group’s ready and we want to make sure our customers are being given the best quality and most reliable services around. With the use of robots we can now, more than ever before, focus on the mental challenges that comes with creating your products. We can create more ideas and test more options giving you the best quality product we can offer. Robotics allows us to have a system of efficiency and quickness we’ve always wanted to provide. We can create prototypes, assemble products and test our custom creations faster which means you get your product out of our Technology Center and into your hands quicker, too!

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Ever Consider Leasing?

Get a Robot Solution for as little as $.78/hr!

Sounds too good to be true? It's not. With leasing, we offer you a way to implement our robots solution at low hourly cost.

A Better Way To Pay

Leasing lets companies of any size—from small start-ups to multinational enterprises—deploy robot solutions with low (or no) upfront costs and low monthly payments. This lowers your financial barriers for investing in automaion and gives you a near immediate return on investment (ROI). Leasing the robots becomes an operational expenditure instead instead of a fixed cost, enabling you to quickly get started reaping the benefits robotic offer as they automate monotonous, repetitive, and often injury-prone manual material transportation. Leasing-FANUC1 Leasing-MiR  

Transforming the Industry

The manufacturing industry is changing and that means the technology requirements are, too. We work in an industry that once looked to automation to drive volume production but is now seeking to gain an edge in flexibility. Customers are constantly interested in bettering their products and want to be informed about the latest technologies and advancements we’re working on. They not only want fast-paced business but they want flexibility, efficiency and quality when it comes to manufacturing. Robotics can help!