Electromechanical Systems

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Our commitment to providing value-driven engineering solutions for our clients make us one of the Northeast’s most innovative companies. Since 1956, we’ve applied these core skills across many industries, including commercial and industrial products, electronic products, telecommunications products, medical products and consumer products of many types and applications.

We can provide support for any part of the manufacturing or product design process for our customers. With core strengths in mechanical, electrical and manufacturing engineering, we can apply a broad knowledge of engineering design in industrial, commercial and consumer product sectors.

We are ISO-certified in our manufacturing services, and we offer trusted expertise on process, fluid and motion solutions for pneumatic, hydraulic, process and electromechanical technologies. Our custom solutions are delivered to you fast, and we offer repair and installation services on a 24/7 basis.


Electromechanical Systems

In today’s competitive market, applications demand and expect the best quality and performance. Our system solutions provide OEMs and machine builders a competitive edge. From high-speed, large-load, multi-axis gantry systems for the industrial market to high-speed, high-precision systems for the semiconductor and life sciences applications, our team of engineers allows you to choose the appropriate system, subsystem or component to fit your exact needs.


Our team will see your project through its entire process, from design and manufacturing to installation and even the commissioning process. We create a solution specifically tailored to your needs that is innovative, effective and affordable.



In the life sciences industry, the “RIGHT” electromechanical equipment & drives give instrument builders and OEMs the products they need to solve even the most complex challenges. With automation components and pre-packaged solutions to speed your time to market and lower your cost of ownership, RG Group can be your single source for life science applications that move. LEARN MORE

Looking for a hydraulic or pneumatic system crossover solution?

RG Group has a full team of certified Electrical and Mechanical Engineers to solve almost any problem. Our engineers design for diverse projects and clients. Each of our engineers is given the opportunity to lead projects and be a core team member. Working on many types of tasks in a variety of capacities helps each team member to build a deep knowledge base. They learn how to design flexible solutions that work for the present and the future.

Our Case Studies

Our Engineered Solutions Division provides sub-assembly solutions and custom engineered systems. We have a range of services from first-of-a-kind rapid prototyping to long-term outsource contract manufacturing. Our case studies demonstrate our commitment to high-quality products and services, as well as our expertise in serving numerous industries and applications.

Projects we have worked on include working with a large OEM to design and create hydraulic power units to power motorized hose reels for fire-fighting use. On this project, we were able to create an ideal power unit that enhanced functioning and capabilities.

Another example is the work we provided to a pharmaceutical OEM to design and build an automated testing system that would verify a high-cost medical component’s integrity. We were able to create a product that can be sold as an upgrade for existing products or by itself, resulting in a fast and large return on investment.

We’ve also created hydraulic systems for a large research university testing facility. We developed a massive hydraulic power unit for the project, and we provided the university with a comprehensive package of technical information to help them in managing the system.

Read about more details of these previous projects and see how they came to provide solutions for our customers. Download the PDFs below or watch the brief video that highlights our capabilities.