Engineered Solutions

Engineered Systems and Solutions

RG Group Engineered Solutions team provides innovative systems that range from single custom machine control packages to long-term flexible outsourced manufacturing services. Our Tri-Technology hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical capabilities allow us to combine the appropriate mechanical products for you.

We’ve developed the technical expertise to take your projects from start to finish, from concept and feasibility studies through design using CAD and 3D modeling, manufacturing, installation and even the commissioning process. Our solutions aren’t off the shelf, we create just what YOU need… even when you don’t know exactly what that is. Our expertise will reduce your total cost of ownership with a creative solution tailored specially for you because true innovation doesn’t come with a part number.

Why the RG Group?

RG Group has over 60 years of motion control system design and fabrication experience. With Industry-certified hydraulic system engineers on staff, our goal is to provide design, build and commissioning services, to meet the most demanding system specifications and applications.

The RG Engineered Solutions division provides custom-engineered systems and sub-assembly solutions. We offer customers a range of services from first-of-a-kind rapid prototyping to long-term outsourced contract manufacturing. Our engineering and production technicians are highly skilled in the design and application of hydraulic, pneumatic, or electromechanical and process systems. Our custom products include hydraulic power units, lubrication systems, and we also custom design and supply hydraulic, pneumatic, and instrumentation value manifolds.

RG Group is an innovated engineering Group located in York, Pennsylvania with locations in PA, NJ, NY, and OH who specializes in Motion Control and Fluid Handling Products and Solutions. If you’re interested in learning more about or engineered solutions team, contact us at 1-800-340-0854


Our Capabilities

Conceptual Design

The involvement of the RG Group in a project can begin as early as the design phase. By utilizing the best technological solutions and LEAN processes for a customer’s specific requirements we can focus on optimized cost reductions during this phase.

Production / Assembly

The longer it takes to begin production and distribution, the lower the profits will be over the lifetime of the product. Allowing RG Group to manage the ramp-up and assembly process will only help expedite your product’s launch and gets you to market faster.


Through a series of simulations and various rapid prototyping techniques, our Product Engineering Team is able to anticipate potential obstacles, make necessary changes and uncover valuable design enhancements.


We feel that communication is essential in developing a manufacturing process and core to our rapid response model. RG Group promises to communicate timely, complete and accurate information through the entire project to ensure your completion date is met.


Once a concept or direction is selected, our engineering team evolves concepts to maturity and resolves the manufacturing details while enhancing the overall design intent. This rapid product development approach reduces the length of time between critical stages and increasing our customer’s bottom line.

Supply Chain

RG Group’s established supply chain gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace and helps mitigate risks associated with acquiring raw materials and delivering products or services. This also gives us our industry-best pricing and timely shipping.

RG Group Advantage


The RG Group Engineered Solutions team specializes in providing motion control expertise in all mechanical disciplines; Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electromechanical. We provide productivity and value in all aspects of the build cycle from feasibility/design through testing, fabrication, installation, and commissioning.

Project Management

Certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) provide experienced leadership to consistently complete projects, on time and within budget.


Our manufacturing facility and skilled team of technicians offer customers maximum flexibility to meet today’s manufacturing demands. From rapid prototypes and single-piece builds to production runs on short notice, RG Group offers flexible outsourced manufacturing and engineering expertise for any critical project.

Product Availability

Our solutions offer customers a competitive advantage based on our first tier status with leading global manufacturers in the motion control industry.

Project Spotlight

RG Group completed one of the most uniquely engineered mechanical assemblies we have done in a while. A company came to us needing to find a way to measure air velocity inside of a huge pipe. The primary function of this was to measure a pipe system coming from a smokestack with a 4-foot pipe elbow in it. They need to measure the effects and change of that air velocity profile from the elbow out to the suction fan. They laid out the basic design and described some of the problems they were facing and wanted us to work with their vision to fill in the missing gaps. They provided our engineers with a drawing that looked with something like a pipe and a stick coming in and out of it. It was not very detailed at all but they knew exactly what they needed as the end result and that made working with them and designing this Smoke Stack Sampler much easier.