Pneumatic Solutions

We Know Our Pneumatics

Providing fluid handling solutions that meet our customers’ defined performance requirements has been a priority since RG Group’s inception, setting us apart in the pneumatics industry.  Our experienced engineers welcome the opportunity to assist in the design and manufacture of pneumatic control systems and custom directional control valves, fittings or manifolds. Whether you need standard pneumatic components or custom pneumatic products, we take the time to understand your application and recommend components and systems that best fit your requirements.

From a single quality component to a complex industrial pneumatic system, we are the single-source solution for today’s demanding and creative industrial pneumatic applications. We provide motion and control technical expertise and cost reduction strategies, with a focus on energy efficiency.

RG Group is a Tier 1 distributor of pneumatic components & control systems.

Products including pneumatic actuators, pneumatic controls, pneumatic, cylinders, pneumatic directional control valves, pneumatic fittings, pneumatic flow controls, pneumatic actuators, pneumatic grippers, pneumatic instrumentation, pneumatic limit switches, pneumatic operators, pneumatic slide/rotary tables, pneumatic solenoid valves, pneumatic tubing, pneumatic valve manifolds & pneumatic valves.

Our team will see your project through its entire process, from design and manufacturing to installation and even the commissioning process. We create a solution specifically tailored to your needs that is innovative, effective and affordable.



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RG Group's Value Added Services

Application Engineers

RG Group has full-time Application Engineers to assist you with your technical questions and specific applications. They have extensive factory training on a wide offering of products as well as practical industry experience. If they are unable to answer your questions on the spot, they will do the research to find the answers you need.

Auto Replenishment Programs

RG Group will monitor your inventory and provide automatic replenishment, either at our facility or yours. To set up an Auto Replenishment Program for your company, simply send us your program requirements, including information on either your forecast or usage data. We will physically monitor your inventory for the set levels you require. Let RG Group reduce your time and procurement costs by helping you manage your inventory levels.

Certified Supplier Programs

RG Group has met the certification standards for many of industry's largest manufacturers. Meeting their standards for quality, processes and procedures enables us to fulfill our customers' requirements with the highest levels of quality and service.

Design Assistance

RG Group will work with you to select the best products for your application. Our certified Application Engineers have E.E. and M.E. backgrounds and more than 70 years of combined experience in the industrial controls industry.

Engineering/Technical Support

Our technical expertise stems from decades of servicing the controls, components and automation industries, and from keeping abreast of today's new technologies. Our highly experienced Application Engineers are prepared to assist you with all your application and engineering needs. We help you specify products for new applications/solutions, and provide technical support for those products after you receive them.

J.I.T. Programs

J.I.T. (Just-In-Time) will help reduce inefficiencies in your manufacturing process by ensuring the on-time delivery of your production materials. We develop inventory and order fulfillment procedures to meet your manufacturing needs. We can meet even the tightest shipping windows with a 100% on-time delivery guarantee. Our J.I.T. Program enables you to lower your inventory requirements and reduce your total procurement costs.


RG Group offers a Kanban control system customized for your production needs. We will provide a Kanban delivery system based on your requirements for identifying, authorizing and controlling inventory. This service enables scheduled products to be delivered on a daily or hourly basis, or on a stringent schedule defined by your company.

Quality Assurance Programs

Quality Assurance at every step ensures our customers will receive exceptional performance and defect-free products. Our products and services are designed to conform to your program and product requirements. RG Group has the ability to integrate a customer's QA metrics into our processes to ensure full compliance. This includes providing assured quality for forecasting accuracy, schedule compliance, order and inventory accuracy, contract manufacturing and more.

Same Day Shipment

Place your order anytime before 2:00 p.m. (ETS), and RG Group will most likely ship your order the same day. We ship by UPS, and delivery to you is usually the very next business day for orders in the Mid Atlantic Region.

Startup Services

We can assist your company's transition from a current product to a new, technically advanced one. Our Application Engineers will help you with troubleshooting, programming, and implementation of the new product. We provide support services both at our main office and your location.

Our ISO 9001 certified process ensures that we are experienced at meeting the most stringent customer requirements for distribution or manufacturing services. Our highly trained team of account managers and application and system engineers are experts in selecting the right products for any mechanical or process control application. RG Group is a recognized technology center for premier global industry lenders including Parker Hannifin, Gast, Enerpac, Wikai, Atlas Copco, and Gems. Our goal is to provide our customers with a customized pathway to greater profitably and success with our collaborated services-based business model.