Easy 3 Connectivity Solution from Moxa


Looking to meet the challenges of connecting older equipment to Ethernet networks?

Moxa has a wide ranging portfolio of serial device servers, industrial protocol and remote i/o gateways to connect a variety of devices such as VFDs, PLCs and sensors to industrial Ethernet networks.

From surveying factory engineers, 3 prevalent issues that they experience are integrating the diversity of legacy devices, time consuming process of configuring devices, and difficulty troubleshooting older equipment.

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    1. Diversity of legacy devices: On a majority of factory floors, we see devices that support a mixture of fieldbus and Ethernet protocols. Some devices like sensors and RFID readers are often serial based. Other devices speak standard industrial protocols like Modbus or DNP3. In addition, most automation engineers need to connect these devices that communicate different industrial protocols to Ethernet-based SCADAs and HMIs to control and monitor their operations.

    2. Time consuming setup and configuration: When making devices interoperable, many automation and control engineers have had a difficult time configuring and setting up their devices to communicate over Ethernet SCADAs. This is caused by devices using different industrial communication protocols.

    3. Difficulty troubleshooting old equipment: Once equipment is connected, engineers need visibility of their network equipment to quickly, accurately and easily diagnose and troubleshoot any issues. In addition, many automation engineers are not familiar with IT network management tools like SNMP or command line interface.

There has to be an easier way to configure, troubleshoot and monitor older equipment on factory SCADAs and HMIs. This is where Moxa’s Easy 3 for Connectivity can help overcome these common automation challenges:

NPort Device Services:

  1. Long-term Driver Support: Unlike other vendors, Moxa guarantees serial device server driver support up until 2025.
  2. Industrial Reliability: To protect against voltage spikes interfering with mission critical operations, Moxa developed surge protection for serial, LAN, and power lines.
  3. User-Friendly: With a 3-step configuration wizard, users can set up their devices in 30 seconds or less without a CCNA or IT knowledge.

MGate Protocol Gateway: 

  1. Easy to Configure: With our easy and intuitive web browser user interface, you can connect a Modbus slave device using our gateway in 60 seconds!
  2. Easy to Troubleshoot: Moxa offers a free network management utility called MGate Manager Tool to monitor network traffic and easily troubleshoot any issues with connected devices.
  3. High Performance: For the MGate 3600 family of industrial gateways, we support active polling that offers network speeds 10 times faster than traditional gateways. The way active polling works is by having our gateway actively request the status of connected slave devices. The status of these slave devices is stored within the gateway’s buffer, readily available for the master to request. This improves network performance by a factor of 10.

ioLogik Remote I/O:

  1. Interoperability: These remote IO gateways support both OT and IT protocols, so you don’t have to worry about protocols not being supported. On the OT side, ioLogiks support common industrial protocols like Ethernet/IP and Modbus/TCP. For IT, ioLogiks support RESTful APIs for dashboard analytics and SNMP for network monitoring and troubleshooting.
  2. Easy Deployment: With 2 Ethernet ports, each IO gateway can be daisy chained with CAT5 cables along an assembly line or plant floor to save on cabling costs and deployment time. No more need for running conduit or extra cables to collect IO data and no more taking up extra space on your PLC backplane with a standalone device solution.

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