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FANUC America is a leading supplier of innovative automation solutions that has been powering manufacturing processes across the globe for more than 40 years. FANUC is trusted among a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, alternative energy, automotive, aerospace, metal fabrication, woodworking, warehousing, medical and pharmaceutical, agriculture, and food and beverage processing.

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Industrial Robots

FANUC proudly presents the world’s biggest selection of industrial robotics solutions, offering more than 100 different models to suit varying applications and needs.

  • Collaborative Robots

    The CR Series of collaborative robots (cobots) are designed to keep workspaces and assembly lines safe, especially in those where human employees and machinery work side-by-side. This series presents a wide range of options, with payload capacities ranging from 4 kg to 35 kg.

    In addition to sheer power, FANUC cobots also feature:
    1. Intuitive sensor technologies that prevent injury to persons or damage to fixed objects in collaborative working spaces
    2. Hand-guided programmability that enables easier, step-by-step task programming
    3. Reliable dexterity and durability for repetitive industrial tasks
    4. Compatibility with a wide range of FANUC intelligence features, such as iRVision, 3D Vision, 3D Area Sensor, and Force Sensors

  • Articulated Robots

    This impressive roster of robotic arms ranges from the compact (human arm-sized) and ultra-versatile LR Mate Series, to the strongest family of industrial robots in the market today – the M-2000iA Series, which can handle payloads up to 2,300 kg.

  • Delta Robots

    The Delta lineup performs reliable, high-speed small parts handling, picking, and packing operations. These robots can support payloads from 1 kg to 12 kg.

  • Specialty Robots

    For specific applications, look into these purpose-built specialty product ranges:
    1. SCARA SR Series: For high-speed assembly, pick-and-place, testing/inspection, and packaging processes
    2. ARC Mate: For arc welding applications
    3. Paint Series: For various painting and coating applications


View all FANUC robotics solutions by series by clicking here.

You can also find the best match for your operation’s needs using FANUC’s convenient Robot Finder Tool.

In addition to top-of-the-line hardware, FANUC also offers simulation packages, software, and control systems that maximize customization options, which enable you to design application-specific solutions to suit your operation’s needs.

Rotary Vane


The ROBODRILL line represents FANUC’s signature ROBOMACHINE complete automation solutions.

High-speed, high-precision, and high-power performance is the standard for ROBODRILL vertical machining centers. Equipped with a tool turret capable of handling attachments weighing up to 4 kg, it can switch between tools in no more than 0.7 seconds, ensuring high-volume hourly production rates.

FANUC’s ROBODRILL devices are fitted with the company’s latest CNC systems, providing users with an intuitive and easy to program interface.

As an all-in-one device with the versatility and flexibility to handle various milling, drilling, and tapping operations, FANUC’s ROBODRILL solutions deliver unparalleled productivity with minimal fuss.

There are three form factors to choose from – short, standard, and long-bed designs. Each form factor is available in either standard or advanced models.

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Rocking Piston

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and Motion Control Systems

Precision, reliability, speed, and ease of use are the hallmarks of FANUC’s CNC systems and solutions. Whether you need a tool to manage simple but repetitive high-volume commodity production processes, or a robust platform to operate and monitor complex and advanced machining techniques, these control systems are up to the task.

FANUC control solutions will make you feel at ease with an industry-best 52-year mean time between failure (MTBF)rate. Plus, with lifetime parts and maintenance support, your long-term total cost of ownership is a huge bargain.

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