5 Valuable Benefits of Using a Quiet Air Compressor at Your Business

poor work environment can impact everything from concentration and tiredness to absence from work and even human health.

A big contributor to the work environment is noise. And if you work in an industry that requires power tools and big machinery you know better than most the effect that noise can have.

The good news is, there are a variety of ways to reduce noise in the workplace. In work that involves the use of air compressors, a quiet air compressor is the best place to start.

Keep reading to learn more about quiet air compressors and the five benefits they offer your business.

What Is a Quiet Air Compressor?

Air compressors work by converting normal air into a denser, high pressurized output. They’re used in a variety of applications and industries. They come in different sizes and capacities, each of which differs in the amount of noise it produces – but, generally speaking, air compressors are noisy machines.

Sound is measured in decibels (dB). For example, a whisper would be a decibel level of about 30 while a normal conversation would be about 60 dB. Decibels increase exponentially rather than proportionally and the lower the number, the quieter the noise.

Most air compressors produce as much as 92 dB of noise. A quiet air compressor, though, is intended to produce less noise than the average compressor. They typically produce as low as 40 dB.


What Affects the Noise Level of an Air Compressor?

There are three main factors in the amount of noise an air compressor produces. These are friction, power source, and environmental conditions. We’ll discuss each in more detail below.


In terms of friction, air compressors have a lot of moving parts that help them function, such as air intake, drive gears, and electric motors. Each of these parts in and of themselves makes a certain degree of noise and, as they touch each other while in operation, the friction creates even more noise.

Reciprocating compressors are one of the worst offenders when it comes to noise caused by friction. The small pumps used in these compressors rotate at high speeds which creates a lot of friction and a lot of noise. Piston compressor pumps don’t have that problem because they run slower but they have other moving parts that create a good deal of noise.

How the compressor is lubricated also plays a role in friction. For example, oil-lubricated compressors generally run quieter than non-lubricated compressors. On the flip side, the former requires quite a bit more maintenance than the latter.

Power Source

The way in which your air compressor is powered impacts the amount of noise the machine produces. An electric compressor is generally considered to be the quietest option. Compressors that run on gas, on the other hand, make a lot of noise because of the engine.

Environmental Conditions

The workplace or site itself will have an impact on whether or not the air compressor is too loud. Proximity plays a role in this, because the closer your employees are to the air compressor, the louder it’s going to be. Where the compressor is placed is also important for vibrational concerns, because the compressor can create mechanical vibrations that are amplified under certain conditions.

5 Benefits of a Quiet Air Compressor

Noise can cause all sorts of problems in the workplace if it’s not properly managed. It can cause negative effects on the health and safety of your employees and customers, decrease the productivity of your employees, and even hurt the relationship you have with your customers.

Many businesses that have to use air compressors have implemented methods for noise reduction such as the use of personal protective equipment, changing the location of the air compressor, and soundproofing the workplace. However, one of the easiest and most efficient ways of reducing noise caused by air compressors is to invest in a quiet air compressor.

We’re breaking down the five biggest benefits of a quiet air compressor below.

1. Location, Location, Location

Air compressors are used across a vast range of industries including construction, manufacturing, automotive, mining, and even for home projects. A quiet air compressor is especially suited to those industries where excessive noise must be avoided. That includes industries such as healthcare or dentistry and also in construction projects located in residential or protected areas.


2. Protect the Health of Employees and Customers

Any noise above 70 dB can damage your hearing over a prolonged period of time. Noises that are over 120 dB are almost immediately damaging to your ears. Running as low as 40 dB, quiet air compressors protect your ears as well as those of employees and customers from permanent damage.

3. Enforce Safety

The safety of a workplace can be disrupted by noise. That’s because noise can obstruct the ability of people to communicate, which gets in the way of workflow. Noise can also be distracting, which can lead to the misuse of potentially dangerous equipment.

4. Impact on Productivity

The environment in which people work has a profound impact on their productivity. The best way to improve productivity, then, is to address issues in the working environment. Of course, that includes reducing noise.

By improving the productivity of individuals, you improve organizational productivity. This, in turn, increases the quantity and quality of the products and services a business offers.

5. Customer Relations

Reducing noise in the work environment might also improve the relationship you have with your customers. In a world where more customers are looking to get up close and personal with how their products are produced, reducing noise creates a better ambiance should you choose to allow customers into the workspace. But it also offers your customers all the same health and safety benefits that you’ve created for your employees.

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A quiet air compressor performs all the same functions as a regular air compressor, but they do so while producing a lot less noise. They’re great for industries and work environments that demand quiet, but they improve the work environment, health, and safety of all businesses.

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