Air Motors Today: Time To Go “LUBEFREE”

Gast Lubricated Air Motors Can Provide Years of Use when Provided with Good Quality Compressed Air.


What is good quality compressed air for a lubricated air motor???

  • Clean (free of dirt, debris, pipe scale and other foreign matter)
  • Dry (no condensable water)
  • Lubricated (1 drop of oil for every 50 CFM of air while the unit is running, or 1 drop of oil per continuous minute of run time)
    • Gast recommends Gast #AD220 oil or a detergent SAE#10 automotive engine oil for lubricating.

How does a Gast Rotary Vane Air Motor Operate?

  • Rotary vane air motors operate with compressed air and do not require electrical power. Expanding air behind the vanes produce rotation, providing horsepower and torque.

Challenges with Lubricated Air Motors:

While Gast Lubricated Air Motors are rugged and reliable when provided with good quality, lubricated air, the associated in-line lubricators and the oil itself pose maintenance and application challenges.

  • Oil must be added and maintained
    • This maintenance can be time consuming
    • It may be logistically challenging
    • It may be remote
    • Maintenance downtime can be costly
  • Oil itself may not be compatible or allowed in some applications.
    • Mixing, processing and pumping applications where potential oil contamination of high value materials and liquids is not acceptable.
    • Items for consumption, such as food, beverage and pharmaceuticals are other areas where oil contamination is simply not allowed.


Gast’s  “LubeFree” and MVP line of air motors feature LubeFree vanes made of a proprietary material that works effectively without lubrication.

  • Independent testing has shown operation in excess of 10,000 hours in completely oilless applications!
    • Lubricating these air motors will extend their life even further.
  • Gast’s LubeFree Series of air motors are based on the popular lubricated 2AM & 4AM Series of air motors to allow for drop in versatility.
    • In addition to the new LubeFree vanes these units incorporate surface treatment help minimize corrosion.
      • “LL” option has a rotor with corrosion treatment for applications with limited or no lubrication.
      • “NLP” option with complete corrosion protection to the rotor, body and endplates.

GAST MVP Series Air Motors

  •  Gast’s MVP Series of Air Motors also feature Gast’s LubeFree vanes, but are available in both Aluminum and Stainless Steel .
    • Optional 300 Series Stainless Steel available with IP ratings
  • Multiple mounting options include NEMA, IEC flange, hub and foot supports.


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