Air Prep Done Right By Parker P3Y High Flow Regulators

Are the standard product lines of pneumatic air preparation products leaving you feeling unsatisfied due to lack of flow, size, accessories and modularity? Parker’s new line of P3Y Global FRL components may be just what you’re looking for.

Parker’s new Global P3Y FRL components have threaded ports of ¾” and 1” (NPT and BSPP) with 1-1/2” ports available with an optional port block kits. You can also customize your assembly with soft start/dump valves, ball valves and additional port manifolds. Connecting multiple units together is extremely easy and compact due to Parker’s design of their body connectors that do not add to the overall port to port dimension of multiple units. Also, polypropylene bowls come as a standard from Parker to give you better chemical compatibility over traditional polycarbonate offered by most manufacturers.

Have you ever ordered filters and weren’t sure if you wanted an automatic or a manual drain. Well, Parker has you covered there too. With a simple twist of the drain you can change the characteristics of the drain from automatic to manual right on your floor. No need to order multiple units or stock different bowls for each application.

Do you have FKT’s (Frequent Knob turners) who are constantly changing settings on your components? We can keep their fingers from making changes to your sensitive pneumatic systems by using the optional key lockable regulators as well.

Finally, if you operate your filters and regulators outdoors the Parker P3Y regulators are rated to -40 degrees F for those applications, because who wants to go outside when it’s -40 degrees just to fix a frozen pneumatic component.

The next time you’re in the market for high flow pneumatic air preparation components, please don’t forget about the great features available to you from Parker with the new P3Y Global FRL series.

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