American Manufacturing as it is Currently Stands Today

As I See It…                                                        

As I look at the current manufacturing and distribution world, one thing is crazy clear… we’re in a new world. American manufacturers are in a global battle for their existence and are cutting resources in a desperate race to remain competitive.

At the same time the demographics are not in the US manufacturing sector’s favor – too few new engineers and too many retiring, knowledgeable and skilled maintenance technicians and managers.

So, as I talk to customers about their business needs, what I hear is that we’re facing a real lack of technical expertise. And to make things worse, when a highly skilled technical resource is available or needed, most plant managers and owners are not in a position to hire on a full-time basis.

The thing is, our customers need the technical Motion Control expertise to run more complex manufacturing equipment or upgrade and automate older equipment, just to stay in the game. Here is where I believe industrial technical distributers, like RG Group come to the forefront of the next wave of change.

How can we help?

By focusing on what’s most important to customers we have the unique ability to help drive profitability and sustainability for our key customers. As business has evolved, our solutions for customers have as well. Today, RG Group is a service-based business. We provide a variety of on-demand custom services from Vendor Managed Inventory, to Application Engineering, Repair and even Outsourced Flexible Manufacturing services.

Every service we offer is designed to reduce ownership cost, complexity and risk for our customers. The key to our service model is really an on-demand technical resource model. From a custom hose assembly picked up at local branch Parker Store to a hydraulic installation or marine commissioning, the critical issues are timing, combined with technical expertise.

Our customers need it NOW ! 

So in our world, we work around our customer’s schedule. As a customer, you may only need the RG services on occasion, but when you need that critical service, a timely, experienced and reliable team is extremely important.

In the coming weeks, we will be launching a new website to expand our on-demand services with a more robust e-commerce shopping experience. We look forward to your comments and suggestions. Visit us at

Let’s work to make American manufacturing work! 

Our future depends on it.

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