Live Entertainment Industry

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Live entertainment industry

Parker Origa Rodless Cylinders, Large H Series Directional Valves, Ace Shock Absorbers

Engineered Solutions
Sub Assembly

How it began

An entertainment company came to us for a solution to move “ice” spikes for their live production of Frozen Live Show at Disneyland.

How it evolved
RG Group’s engineering team began developing concepts that would not only be able to meet this objective, but would provide a safe, repeatable operation time after time. It was decided to formulate a custom solution using parker rodless air cylinders and deceleration units to accomplish this function.

How it was resolved
Having met the customers requirements and RG Group’s stringent testing procedures, the final design included an assembled custom rodless cylinder. Expectations were for it to travel 6 feet in fractions of a second. The final solution met this criteria, travelling 6 feet in .5 seconds.

Trusted Expertise, delivered
RG Group met the specification for the complete pneumatic solution by utilizing our expertise and world class pneumatic products. This solution is specified to operate two times daily for 10 years, with performances occurring every day.

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