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FANUC Robotic Custom
Palletizing Cell

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Industrial Automation

Quantitative snapshot
8-month ROI

How it began
A global manufacturer of full line reusable totes, pallets, and custom size plastic products began experiencing reduction in product output due to labor shortages. To address this challenge, they began evaluating automated options for their tote palletizing work cell but had issues utilizing in house engineering resources.

How it evolved
Beyond its proficiency in robotics and industrial automation, RG Group provided a collect suite of assets like project management, integration and after sale support that this customer was looking for while searching for palletizing solutions.

How it was resolved
As a FANUC Certified System Integrator, RG Group developed a custom robotic cell that had the capabilities of assembling and palletizing the plastic totes. Solving multiple steps with one device.

Trusted Expertise, delivered
Monoflo was able to effectively stay ahead of the workforce decline and increase production throughput at their facility.

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