Custom Fire Simulator System

Fire is dangerous… fire on a marine vessel can be catastrophic. Whether on a luxury cruise ship or an aircraft carrier, the needs of marine firefighters are vastly different than those fighting a typical structure fire.

RG Group has been working with a customer to build their fire simulator that allows firefighters to train for the different scenarios found on a vessel at sea. The permanent training facility is outfitted with 12 interconnected units that simulate different materials and environments, from kitchen ovens and fryers to bedding, bilge and hull fires, electrical and cable fires, insulation, oil spray, charcoal filters and pump motor fires.

The controlled fires are the very definition of “smoke and mirrors”… using fans, smoke generators and sound effects to simulate an almost theatrical recreation of a tremendously hazardous and unpredictable event. This allows firefighters to experience the full force of the volatile atmosphere but still train safely.

Using two 40 gallon propane tanks and GAST Regenair® 837 AC Induction Motors to feed the ignition switches, a central control module allows the fires to be started at different times in various locations and rooms. The controller can even mimic a giant burst of flame, backdraft or flashover.

Because a propane field fire can’t actually be doused by water, gas sensors determine if an area had been bathed in enough water to douse a real fire. The entire unit is fitted with safety switches and sensors which lockout if an area is unsafe for entry.

The marine fire simulator will give firefighters effective tactical training and critical knowledge of fire behavior with a high level of realism. It’s the perfect classroom!

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