Custom Hydraulic Test Stand

Hello I am Brian Robison with RG Group and I was the project manager for this Engineered Solution’s project. I’d like to walk through the steps with you on what we did for this project. So a customer came to us and wanted a testing stand that would allow them to do work on all of their calipers, valves, and electromechanical products, so we made this bench for them. I will first go through the electrical side with you.

We have four different ports for their electrical needs and the bench will actually be able to power all of those, and with regular duplex power, so if you needed to plug in a computer or anything else the bench will be able to provide power. We have indicator lights for all these ports as well as an Oscilloscope that will show different sign waves for transducers or will check if the voltage is actually what its saying it is. It will also print directly to the printer that we have inside the bench.  There’s no need for an external computer. It can do all of that within the bench itself.

On the hydraulics side of it we have two main pressure lines where the user can hook up their quick disconnect hose and control the pressure closed-end drain within this selector valve and within this whole system. We actually can control the pressure right on the front of the bench by having the pressure-relief valve. With all the different circuits that we have here they were specified from the customers and they wanted to integrate different components which we were actually able to put underneath the bench as seen in the video with accumulators and different customers specified projects and what the items you see up here. They can place their valves inside these testing manifolds, hook up the hose directly to the bench, test out each valve to make sure it’s working properly, if it’s leaking before they go ahead and install it back in their products. We also made them a couple of fixtures for the different components that they want to test so pieces bouncing around the table they can just fixture this directly to the bench. So it makes testing a little easier with this table you see here it’s actually a drip pan which will drain into a reservoir. Located beneath the bench itself which makes clean up very easy. You’ll see you have a bud that is leaking a lot of oil this will make things very simple, very clean, and make your testing procedure much easier for the technician.

So we can go ahead and go to the back and see all of the different cuts that go into the bench. As you can see in the back of the bench in the video there is all this different tubing that we had to do as we built because all these bends are very custom. All these bends are stainless steel tubing with stainless steel fittings connecting all of the different units together, as you can see here, we have the hydraulic power unit actually integrated into the bench so you don’t need to have a separate part connected to the bench, it’s all one unit. Also there’s a cooler system to make sure that heat dissipation is achieved and then two filters to make sure that all your fluid going through your testing products is nice and clean and won’t damage it after you’re done. So in the electrical side you can take a look back behind we have an input of 460 shop power which will supply power to the entire bench. You don’t have to have separate power inputs a big 5KVA transformer and as you can see all the different connection points for the components that are on this electrical side and a 120-volt AC inverter as well for that duplex on the front and the variable 0 to 60 volt for any electromechinical products that you need different voltages for.

So this is a look into some of what we get to do here at RG Group and some day we hope to help you out in whatever situation you need. RG Group is an innovated engineering Group located in York, Pennsylvania with locations in PA, NJ, NY, and OH who specializes in Motion Control and Fluid Handling Products and Solutions. If you’d like to see more of our engineered solution projects, you can read some of our case studies or you can check out our other blog post where we do a brief overview on our Engineered Solutions team. Thanks for visiting and have a great day!


-Brian Robison Mechanical Engineer

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