Dreaming Big in the Engineering and Manufacturing Services Industry

Frequently, I’m asked to describe the unique value RG Group Engineering and Manufacturing Services offer our customers. It’s not an easy answer. As a Tri-Technology service provider, our products and services are very diverse, so we offer our customers a smorgasbord of custom innovative solutions. However, there’s a specific unique service in which I believe our team excels and really distinguishes us from other companies in our market.

It’s is our unique capability to provide First Of A Kind design and build services. From my perspective, many companies can provide build-to-spec fabricated solutions and even contract manufacturing services. By contrast, RG‘s proven ability to take a raw concept to a design and ultimately to a finished product is a unique core competency.

Often, we’re working with a customer that’s challenged with a particularly difficult issue, resulting in a search for a complete turnkey engineering services team. Our solutions frequently begin by providing a reality check in the form of a feasibility study, and can ultimately move from the theoretical to actual fabrication services. From a customer’s perspective, our range of services, from feasibility study to prototype to a fully functional system, meet the full range of requirements. RG’s design and build capabilities matched with mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical expertise provide a one-stop source for innovation.

First Of A Kind design requires not only technical expertise but a big dose of customer-focused imagination and innovation. It’s that innovation through collaboration and trust that really creates the WOW factor for customers.

One example of a First Of A Kind solution we provided was for a global engineering firm. The original scope was to provide preliminary specifications and design for a high-pressure hydraulic system designed to crush, and ultimately dispose of, a large number of mustard gas shells from World War I and World War II. This design required a very specific engineering skill set and a 10,000 PSI hydraulic system combined with a sophisticated control system. In addition, the machine and its manual control panels were designed for use in a very hazardous work environment. Our ability to provide the hydraulic control system, the original feasibility studies and the design of the system was critical to moving from the dream stage to the building stage. In the following years, the First Of A Kind design we developed was used to build a number of system solutions and complete new government installations all across the country.

Very recently we were approached by a government entity that needed to produce a cost justification feasibility study on producing a First Of A Kind mechanical system to facilitate the installation of a measurement probe system into an active chimney stack. In this case, we worked closely with the customer’s team and provided a project ROM and the original feasibility study. During the second stage of the project, we did the final design and received the contract to build the First Of A Kind electromechanical machine.

So if you’re looking for an engineering partner that can combine customer-focused creative and innovative engineering design with the ability to manufacture to your specific needs and requirements, we believe the RG engineering team might be a great fit for your First Of A Kind Dream.

If you need to get your dream to the team than can get it done… give us a call.

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