Enerpac’s S&W Series X Edition Torque Tools

Enerpac’s tradition of innovation continues with the manufacturer’s S&W Series X Edition Torque Tools. Replacing the former S&W Series, Enerpac incorporated many new features into the new S&W Series X Edition Tools. If asked to describe the new features in a few words, I would choose “flexibility” and “safety.” From repositionable handles to what if seal design, the X Series Tools are designed to provide reliable, safe, bolting during challenging applications.

Handles on the S Series X Edition Square Drive Tool can be repositioned to either side of the tool, while the handles on the W Series X Edition Tool can be repositioned on either side or the top of the tool.

Several changes were made with manifold on both the S&W Series X Edition Tools. First, the manifold now allows for greater maneuverability by not only swiveling but also tilting. Second, the manifold seal is placed in a recess which allows for hydraulic fluid to safely diffuse over the side of a spigot if the manifold suffers seal damage.

A larger lever allows for easier action arm release. Push button release of the square drive provides easy change of direction. Tool brand, model, serial number, CE‑ATEX declaration are etched on the tool body. Drive units detach easily from cassettes, allows for rapid change out. S&W Series X Edition Tools are compatible with W-Series standard edition, UltraSlim and WCR-Series cassettes.

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