Ever Wonder What Does Our RG Group Field Services Team Handles?

Big gnarly foundry equipment, mystery power units, ancient equipment, awesome boats, and challenging oilfield equipment are all things that our field service team tackles. All of us have different niches that we have nurtured over the years, mainly due to adventures that we have embarked upon in our lives in the fluid power industry.

How about the team?

Tim Flaharty is an excellent machinist and has an extensive knowledge of steam and water handling from his time maintaining the systems on the Navy ship he was stationed on. Electrical controls, troubleshooting, and working on things that others would shy away from are things that he loves to work on.

Steve Liljestrand is a controls master, and he has done more work for the Coast Guard than arguably any other field engineer around. Designing and troubleshooting complicated electrical controls is something that he does better than almost anyone else.

Myself (Walker Gross), started working on industrial wind turbines and solar projects, and then moved into the oil field where I specialized in maintaining and repairing snubbing and coil tubing equipment, and ended up spending a significant amount of time in metal fab shops and foundries repairing and maintaining hydraulic equipment.

Then you have the whole FCS team, who joined the RG Group team recently, who have years of experience in maintaining and rebuilding coal mining systems and equipment.

We have varying niches, but we all do a few core things that make RG Group service special.

  1. We are dedicated to learning the systems we work on.
  2. We all understand how to follow a failure from the end result to the root cause.
  3. We all understand the maintenance of hydraulic systems.
  4. We develop plans for PMs for equipment that maybe doesn’t get the attention it needs because there is just never enough time to really do a full PM.
  5. We can all do on site tubing and hosing.
  6. We can troubleshoot most systems(most because I am sure there is some crazy quantum computer controlled drive system out there none of us has ever seen before, but we’d all be excited about getting our heads wrapped around it!).
  7. We all have free lines of communications with our team of in house engineers.
  8. We all build power units.

Every part of our business is centered on service. Field service and repair are an integral part of the value that we bring to the table. Whether the system is hydraulic, pneumatic, or electromechanical, or a combination of all of them, the system at some point will fail. Being able to come directly to you, where ever the equipment is, troubleshoot, repair, and recommission it is extremely important.

Field service and repair is something we do, and do well. If you have equipment that you don’t have time to service, or don’t know how to service, and you are constantly replacing pumps or valves, just give us a call. We can help you.

You can count on RG Group for excellent quality and service

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