Get a “Best in Class” Solution With Tri-Technology


As a design and build Motion and Control Technology Center for a variety of mechanical disciplines, we frequently see customers that don’t always know which mechanical technology will be most effective for a specific new automation or material handling application.

We’re experiencing a situation where a customer needs a new mechanical system or retrofit and is looking for turnkey levels of expertise to reduce the time spent from their team’s perspective. They want a partner with technical experience in machine design, applications and the ability to effectively match the specific project with the appropriate mechanical solutions of Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electromechanical… or a combination of the three. In addition to the effective design of the mechanicals, there is additional value in providing machine control capabilities including HMI, programming, and installation.

Get the most “bang” for your buck

Today’s industrial hydraulic or marine/mobile customer wants to reduce or eliminate costs, improve productivity and reduce power consumption. Many customers are focused on reducing or eliminating fluid leakage and contamination. Some companies are specifically interested in replacing hydraulic systems with electromechanical solutions. Ironically, in some cases, we find that a customer may want to replace an existing electromechanical system with a hydraulic system because the EM system is not providing the performance or reliability the customers is expecting. A Technology Center that is able to provide engineering and manufacturing expertise with a tri-technology approach is extremely beneficial for the end customer to achieve the optimum solution.

In machine retrofit applications, we often find that the customer wants to migrate from a straight pneumatic system to an electromechanical system to increase speeds. This provides increased production or more precise positioning control. In addition, moving from a pneumatic to an electromechanical solution can significantly eliminate the point-to-point hammering effects prevalent in pneumatic systems.

Getting it right

The ability for a Motion Control service provider to have significant expertise in all three disciplines (pneumatics, electromechanical, hydraulic systems or subsystems) is a significant advantage. The customer ultimately gets the right product for the right reasons, not a solution that fits the provider’s niche specialty.

In addition to staying up to the moment with rapidly evolving technologies, working with a tri-technology service provider affords customers the ability to meet ever-increasing demands of existing production equipment. By applying the appropriate mechanical and control technology during a new installation or retrofit, customers ends up with a more productive, energy-efficient system utilizing the latest technology and the lowest total cost of ownership. That’s a win-win!

You deserve it all

Today’s savvy customers really require technology solutions that incorporate only the best in critical design, energy efficiency, premier global products and world-class service… being able to deliver on one or two just doesn’t cut it anymore.

If you’re looking to replace an existing system or retrofit a machine or subsystem, start by looking for a Technology Center that offers you a combination of the best products and technology available. The perfect solution will incorporate a user-friendly solution and provide a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership.

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