How Air Compression is Used in Essential Dermatologist Tools and Treatments

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Microdermabrasion: What Is It?

If you’ve ever wished that your skin had a more even, clearer skin tone, then you might want to look into microdermabrasion. This gently exfoliating, noninvasive procedure clears your skin through a series of multiple treatments. After that, you can look forward to your skin appearing more even, brighter, and smoother in the future.

But here’s the thing: The dermatologist medical tool that your doctor uses is different from the one that you can buy to treat yourself at home. That’s because a legitimate dermatological procedure will use air compression to go even deeper into your skin than an at-home kit will.

The best part is that this air compressor procedure is extremely safe for all skin tones too. As a result, microdermabrasion is an excellent solution for those who are suffering from:

  • Dull complexions
  • Uneven skin textures
  • Age spots
  • Dark spots that follow acne clear ups
  • Melasma

Thanks to Gast air compression and dermatology tools, it’s easier than ever to allow skincare products to penetrate your skin more deeply!

How Does Microdermabrasion Work?

Now that we’ve covered why Gast air compressors are essential to the ultimate facial, here’s the breakdown. Your dermatologist will use their Gast air compression-powered handheld device to gently remove the outermost layer of your skin.

While it may feel like a” sanding sensation,” it most certainly won’t hurt your skin. After up to 40 minutes of treatment on your face, your dermatologist will use their Gast air compressor-powered tools to spend around 20 minutes on your neck. After this is completed, your dermatologist will apply moisturizer to soothe your skin.

In terms of aftercare, your dermatologist might recommend you to apply your own moisturizer at home. Then, they’ll develop a skincare treatment plan that will emphasize sun protection.

Pro tip: Keeping your skin safe in the sun will reduce your risk of side effects and boost your microdermabrasion benefits!

Without any recovery or downtime involved, you won’t have to worry about missing school or work thanks to your dermabrasion treatment either. While your skin may turn red or pink due to the side effects of Gast air compressor-powered tools, this is completely normal and will go away after a couple of days. Also, prepare for your skin to be swollen for several days after your procedure as well!

How Does Air Compression Help Acne?

Moving forward, the biggest way that air compression can help acne is by undergoing a series of microgeneration procedures. As a matter of fact, using air to remove impurities in the skin is an essential part of the process of healing from acne, especially if you see your dermatologist:

  • Every week
  • Every two weeks
  • Every month

Not only that, but receiving up to 16 Gast air compression-powered treatments can result in a more radiant complexion and smoother skin too. Although these results are temporary by nature, patients that keep their skin safe from the sunshine and follow a dermatologist-recommended treatment plan will see results for months to come. On the other hand, receiving a follow-up treatment now and then is necessary to keep your skin at its best over time.

Are there any side effects from using air compression-powered tools in dermatology?

We’re glad that you asked.

Occasionally, your skin may swell or change colors following your microdermabrasion treatment. However, this should go away within a few days. In other cases, your skin may sting, burn, improve, or become sensitive to light. On the bright side, this will also go away without any treatment.

But if you tend to develop dark scars or spots after an acne flare-up or skin injury, then your microdermabrasion treatment might lead to more dark scarring. Luckily, though, getting a Gast air compression-powered treatment at the dermatology office will greatly reduce your risk!

What Are Other Dermatologist Skin Tools?

Used for many years to treat a wide variety of dermatology issues, dermabrasion is wonderful for everything from facial skin resurfacing to scar revisioning.

However, this procedure isn’t as popular as it used to other skincare treatments such as:

  • Chemical exfoliation
  • Laser resurfacing
  • Non-ablative laser resurfacing
  • Microdermabrasion

That being said, dermabrasion is still commonly used to treat traumatic facial scars, serious acne, and more. In fact, it is even used in the field of “cosmetic facial resurfacing.”

To tell you the truth, handheld, portable, dermabraders are some of the most in-demand units on the market today. That’s because they can generate incredible speeds of between 18,000 to 35,000 revolutions per minute. Powered by air, these miraculous tools are wonderful for clearing up uneven textures, acne scars, and fine lines!

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From microdermabrasion to dermabrasion, there are so many reasons why air compression and dermatology truly go hand in hand. That’s why our Gast air compressors are used in many professional dermatologist tools.

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