How to select the best GAST Gear Motor for your project

Combine an electric motor to a gearbox. You will get the all-powerful and innovative gear motor. An all in one solution filled with high-torque and low-speed frequencies. Suitable for your projects. But it’s not all that simple.

While there are different applications to every project, certain combinations may not align. It’s not a perfect world where everything fits right into its spot, functioning effectively with no hustle.

So what will you do next? Read further and learn how you can select the best-fit gear motor from GAST.

Selecting the Best Gear Motor

Mechanical and electrical engineers face a significant challenge in determining the best gear motors. There are many issues to go over, including whether to combine the two products or choose the pre-engineered option.

As they look through designs, they have to decide on various factors, including:

  • Perfect fit or application
  • Energy efficiency
  • Time efficiency
  • Project risk

As so, it’s essential to have clear guidelines.

1. Determine Requirements of Your Application

Before you look into selecting gear motors, it’s essential first to note all the requirements you will need. Either technical or commercial. It is what sets a base for your selection process, as you will have a pre-drawn idea of what you need for the project.

On a technical standpoint, you need to scavenge through this turmoil of gear motors. Look through their characteristics to determine what best suits your needs. These parameters include:

Performance Efficiency

Check to see the motor’s horsepower, speed, torque while starting or running, and the duty cycle. What type of loading is expected for the cargo? Steady or shock?

Look at the torque profile in terms of appearance. The duty cycle could need a motor overload or reduction to S2 or S3.


Look at its noise ratings, overall size or weight, lifespan, and maintenance. These deal with all matters’ appearance. Create a design based on what can be applied.

The Power Source

Source for its control measures, frequency, currents ranges from minimum to maximum and the voltage. Controls could range from across the line to a VFD. Consider a hosting arrangement or a spring set brake.

Environmental Factors

They include the temperatures of its ambiance and IP ratings (ingress protection). The general environment that the gear motor will be surrounded by matters. Will it be saltwater? Wash down or outdoors?


These include its orientation, hung up and mounting factors. There are three types of mounting available: shaft, foot, and flange. What about the output axis and space constraints?

From an economic perspective, know that they won’t lie under the same price bracket. The more efficient and highly powered it is, the more it will cost. And vice versa.

The best choice for you is something that completely aligns with your needs. At the same time, its cost is practical to your pocket. Besides, there are other costs to incur in your project.

2. The Selection Process

From the detailed list above, you can now look over other types of GAST gear motors. There are several options to choose from, including:

  • Universal
  • Brushless DC
  • AC induction
  •  Magnetic

There are more types of motors differentiated in terms of DC or AC, type of gearing or physical arrangement. As so, they all have their pros and cons. For example, a helix geared motor will automatically have a higher torque capacity than any other geared type.

Also, the planetary gear motors are smaller, hence a more substantial torque density. You can have the right-angled outputs like the helical worm or helical bevel. All depend on the requirements.

At this stage, it allows one to combine the motors and gearboxes to establish the right fit for your project. Take the information from above and check them for availability. Keep in mind the speed, torque, and other vital factors.

Once you have determined all these elements, the manufacturer’s curve will guide you to a complete match. You have the option of Racor products, Wika products, and Enerpac products. All these brands provide nothing but the best and should be considered when choosing a gear motor.

3. Review the Limitations of the Design

After taking a run at the performance curve, it’s advisable to check out any limitations from the chosen design. Manufacturers will always state performance measures and calculations. The parameters are to guide buyers and designers on any issues that may affect the gear motor, over time.

The sheet of information can include individual factors such as:

  • The yield strength of the gearbox
  • The input speeds on the gearbox
  • Intermittent duty considerations and cycles
  • Other thermal characteristics

All these have to be par with your previous requirements. The guidelines will stipulate for you what can or can’t apply to your project as they may strain the project rather than easing it out.

4. Take a Test Drive

After searching, sizing and, selecting a gear motor, it’s that time to try it out. Run tests on the engine to establish if you chose the right one in terms of efficiency and performance. What are the heat signatures? Is it getting too hot?

Is it too noisy for you? Does the size coincide with your needs? Check for any motor stressing factors so you can contact the manufacturer.

This process aims to ensure that once you put a sign to the product, it will remain durable and efficient throughout its years of service. Don’t be hasty with any decision as it could cost you dearly.

After a test drive, any changes or recognizable issues can be addressed by the manufacturer. They can exchange any engines for you as long as it has not been damaged in the process.

Only the Best For You

The whole process of selecting the right gear motor can be daunting. With so many varieties of gear motors in the market, searching through the turmoil needs experience and expertise.

The right company can aid you to choose an apt gear motor that will serve you for many years to come. Contact your trusted experts in the field. Get the highest quality product with superior performance and reliability.

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