Learn About Parker Hannifin’s 4MA Cylinder Stocking Program

How much does downtime caused by a failed pneumatic cylinder cost your facility? If you don’t have a backup cylinder in stock, how long is your process down? Do you have to replace your cylinders with a lesser quality cylinder just trying to get your process line back up and running? Do you need to give up on features just for the sake of quick delivery?

Parker’s Cylinder Sticking Program now has their aluminum body 4MA series cylinders in-stock in a variety of bore and cylinder stroke lengths. Parker stocks their 4MA with their TEF mount, which is an NFPA MX5/MS4 mount. This mount has sleeve nuts and are side tapped for a variety of flexible mounting styles. With the sleeve nuts, Parker offers a variety of head and cap end mounts that can be bolted to the cylinder to cover most mounting options. These cylinders are stocked in the following bore sizes: 1.50”, 2”, 2.5”, 3.25” and 4.00”. In addition, these cylinders will be stocked in the following stroke lengths: 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” and 18”.

These cylinders from Parker are not without some great standard features. The cylinders come as standard with adjustable cushions to keep the mechanical shock out of your system and help your cylinders and other components last longer. In addition, the cylinders come standard with a magnetic piston ring. The magnetic piston ring enables you to use cylinder position switches to sense the location of your cylinder piston to verify your cylinders position.

Since these cylinders are in-stock for emergency situations and loaded with all of these features, you would expect to pay a premium price for them right? These cylinders are actually offered at a 15% price reduction off of list price. Not only do you get a great quality product from Parker with a fantastic delivery and price, but they are chocked full of features.

The next time you have a cylinder failure in your facility, look no further than the stocked Parker 4MA cylinders with their legendary quality; the variety of standard features; 15% list price reduction and in-stock delivery. Please contact the RG Group to discuss your cylinder application and let us get your process line back up and running with the Parker 4MA stock cylinders.

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