RG Group announces a distribution partnership with AFEX Fire Suppression Systems

February 11, 2015

RG Group is pleased to announce that they have been named the authorized distributor of AFEX Fire Suppression Systems in the Mid-Atlantic region. The area includes Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and eastern New York.

RG Group’s Dennis Ohme, Chief Sales Officer, commented “It’s a good fit for our services offerings. There is a lot of synergy between their markets and the markets we serve today.” AFEX is a worldwide specialist in fire suppression equipment designed exclusively for mobile heavy equipment, particularly equipment used in the mining and forestry industries.

AFEX systems function and protect, but do not deter operation while providing protection for everything from engine fire to debris fire. The systems can be easily serviced and recharged in the field decreasing downtime while protecting valuable capital investment from fire. AFEX, together with RG Group can customize, install and service a fire suppression system that works no matter how hostile the equipment environment. Ohme notes “This type of system is NOT do-it-yourself. It requires licensed installers. Our technicians already have expertise in the piping and tubing required in these automated systems.”

Rich Freeh, RG Group President and CEO, remarked “We are extremely excited to add AFEX to our service-based customer offerings. Our goal is to provide our customer a competitive advantage, and the ability to reduce significant personal and capital-based risk for our mobile hydraulic customers is very appealing to us. AFEX is an ideal fit for RG Group… providing our mobile heavy equipment customers with a specific service to reduce their downtime and increase operator safety is another example of our value proposition.”

Brad Lamberton, Director of Business Development for AFEX commented on this partnership “I was told by Rich Freeh that RG Group does not pick up new product lines very often. During our initial conversations, I felt they had the “right stuff” to be a terrific partner. Technical expertise, professional sales team, solid client relationships and vision. I am thrilled that Rich and his executive team saw AFEX Fire Suppression as a good fit. The sales team has already found great opportunities which is exciting! Together, I feel this long-term relationship will be very prosperous!”

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