Only the Best: Here’s why Gast Air Motors are the Right Choice

When you need a reliable motor you can use in almost any environment, air motors are your best choice. Known for safety, reliability, and flexibility, air motors can deliver on everything.

When you’re looking for an air motor you’re going to have a lot of manufacturers to choose from. But if you want to go with someone that’s known for producing high-quality equipment, your air motors need to be made by GAST.

Curious about why we recommend GAST air motors to all of our clients? After you read this post you’ll wonder why more people don’t use GAST products for all of their needs.

Easy to Use

Having to read through a novel-length instruction booklet every time you need to use a new motor can get to be tiresome.

It’s good to know everything there is to know about a certain make or model, but it would be easier to properly learn if some motors weren’t so needlessly complicated.

When you first use a GAST air motor, there’s not going to be a huge learning curve on how to properly use and implement it. Connecting air motors and setting them up is very simple.

Do you need to vary the torque or rotation speed? There’s no need to memorize a complicated process of steps to do it, you just need to simply limit the supply pressure or the exhaust flow.

Air motors can also be great for people that are on the job. They’re so easy to learn and operate that even a new employee could master it after a few tries.

Another benefit of using air motors is that you don’t need any special license or certifications to use them. Anyone on your team can be trained to use them.

Small Design

Electric motors can take up a considerable amount of space. They can be heavy, bulky, and not very easy to move around.

This may not be a problem if you have an unlimited amount of space and time to move a heavy and expensive object, but some people would prefer to work with something easier to move.

Air motors are on average considerably smaller than electric motors, and GAST air motors are no exception. These small and relatively lightweight motors can make any job easier.

The best part about their small size is that you aren’t sacrificing anything in terms of power. Those motors may be smaller than electric motors, but they’re just as powerful and useful.

Powerful Applied Torque

When you’re shopping for a motor, torque is going to be one the most important features. If torque is one of the more important features you’re looking for in your motors, you can’t beat GAST air motors.

All air motors dynamically load torque. They’re able to adjust their torque output to match the needed torque requirements of an application.

GAST products are known for their precision and reliability. If you want an air motor that you know will be able to give you just the right amount of torque for any job, GAST is the manufacturer for you.


Workplace injuries are no joke for both companies and employees. Malfunctioning motors could easily cause a fire, injure someone or possible damage property.

If you’re concerned about safety in the workplace, choose GAST air motors over the competition.

Since air motors use compressed air as their energy source, they’re non-sparking. Air motors can safely be used in wet or corrosive environments, and traditional electric ones can’t.

GAST motors are built to be tough, reliable, and extremely safe. They’ve been the ideal addition to any project you may have.


Some of the work projects you take on could happen in harsh environments or be tough on machinery. Luckily, GAST air motors are designed to handle anything you can throw at them.

Air motors are designed to be tough in general. They’re not sensitive to common dangers like heat, moisture, or dust. They can even withstand magnetic fields and radiation!

Are you worried about your motor getting worn down from particulate matter? That won’t be a problem with GAST motors. Lubrication helps protect internal components by carrying away smaller particulate matter.


There’s nothing more time consuming than having to shut down everything to change rotation direction.

Changing rotation direction can be complicated with some motors, and some workers will need to spend extra time to make sure everything is in place before they can get back to work.

Air motors are known for being able to switch rotation directions with ease. With GAST motors you won’t have to worry about a time consuming shut down or a complicated process. Most changes can be done within a matter of seconds.

A Brand you Can Trust

When you’re searching for air motors to buy, you want to go with a company you can trust. And there are a lot of manufacturers you can buy from that all claim they make the best product.

Some of these companies are new to the industry and may have just started manufacturing motors. Others may be wholesale retailers and could be selling motors they didn’t make.

If you want to go with a company that has a solid track record and years of experience, you’ll want to go with GAST.

GAST products have been setting the industry standard for decades. Their name is almost always associated with quality, durability, and innovation by people in the industry.

Going Beyond Air Motors

Now that you know about the benefits of air motors, take a little time to learn more about other kinds of motors.

Air motors are an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a new motor, but you have a lot of options available. Read our post on gear motors so you can learn if they’re right for your business.

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