Parker’s QuickFit™ oil change system

Routine preventative maintenance is important in keeping all engines and machinery in service. Time is money and downtime is money lost.

Part of this is regular oil filter changes. Depending on technical experience, the average time to complete this task is about an hour. It can often result in oil spills. This is not only an environmental issue but a spill can cause slips and falls as well as other safety issues. This service is often performed daily, and if not completed correctly can result in more serious problems such as system contamination.

Parker has a new way of changing oil that cuts time in half, eliminates oil spills by 100% and provides contamination control.

With the QuickFit™ oil change system, even the newest of techs can complete the task in a more efficient manner. It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Step 1 – Purge the filter. Using your shop’s air compressor, you simply connect the purge tool to the QuickFit™ valve and hold the lever for 10 seconds to push all the oil into the drain pan, then disconnect the purge tool.

Step 2 – Using your shop’s pump, connect the waste oil hose to the QuickFit™ valve, turn on the pump and remove all the oil from the drain pan. Replace the oil filter while the pump is removing the oil. Disconnect the waste oil hose.

Step 3 – Connect the clean oil hose to the QuickFit™ valve. Using your shop’s pump, refill the new clean oil through the oil filter and into the system. Disconnect when refilled to capacity.

With the new Parker QuickFit™ oil change system your entire system will benefit from optimized contamination control, lower operating cost and less out of service time. The QuickFit™ system is faster, cleaner and safer.

For more information on the new QuickFit™ oil change system and how it can help your company to lower operating costs and increase profitability, contact us today!

Author: Kat Heinly – RG Group Branch Manger


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