Parker’s Valvair II Valve is a Robust, Versatile Valve Suited for Harsh Industrial Applications

Do you need high flow valves suited for dirty and harsh environments? Are your valves starving your systems for air or are your valves failing frequently due to environmental conditions costing you expensive downtime? Do you have high temperature applications up to 200 degrees F that are also causing frequent valve failure?

Parker’s legacy line of Valvair II products have been solving these types of environmental application issues for decades. Parker starts with a dual O-ring packed bore design that specifically targets dirty MRO applications with static and dynamic sealing technology. Next, the valve spools are Teflon™ coated which allows the spool to “float” on the dual O-ring packed bore. The valves are then supplied with urethane O-rings under minimum compression and friction. That provides superior wear and abrasion resistance resulting in longer life. Finally, the rugged valve design withstands tough environmental conditions which keeps the valve performing even in the toughest facilities.

The valves are available with inline body porting for single-use applications or single subbase or manifold bases for easy valve change-out and/or multiple valve stations. The electrical controls are available in a direct plug in base, conduit, JIC junction boxes, NEMA 4 and hazardous duty connections.

The next time you need to replace valves in those high flow, tough, dirty or high temperature applications, consider the proven Valvair II series from the Parker Pneumatic Division. These valves can solve those frequent replacement and high downtime costs associated with a lesser valve series.

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