Parkers’s Virtual Engineer is an Innovative Design Tool for Linear Motion Applications in Automation

Is sizing your pneumatic actuators cumbersome? Do you need to use numerous tools or hand calculations and still aren’t sure how your actuator will perform in its application? Even after you size the components, there are so many choices. So, how do you compare them? You can solve all of those situations with the all-new Parker Virtual Engineer.

You begin by putting all of your application details into a user-friendly and intuitive interface that graphically guides you through all of the load and orientation requirements. Rather than trying to decipher exactly what coordinates a sizing tool is asking, you can visually see how and where your load is affecting the actuator for accurate sizing and application requirements. You can easily switch between metric and imperial measurements as easily as clicking a button and the Virtual Engineer takes care of all of the conversions for you.

After completing the application details, the Virtual Engineer will run an actuator simulator and compare over a million product specific data points and present you with a list of products engineered to fit your application. Imagine doing each of those calculations on your own! Parker’s Virtual Engineer completes these complex calculations for you in seconds.

Now that the task of comprising a list of the available products for your application is complete, you need to compare them. Rather than fumbling through numerous catalogs or web pages, you are presented with a list of products where you can sort according to the most important details. Perhaps your design needs to be energy conscious. You can sort the list by what product has the least amount of compressed air consumption. Maybe life cycles are more important. You can sort by that criteria as well as many more. The options are up to you and what’s most important for your application. Do you also need to download a CAD file to ensure it will fit into your envelope size? The CAD file of your choice is just a mouse click away right on Virtual Engineer.

Still not enough? You can email or chat with a Parker technical representative if you have additional application questions. Once you have all of your questions answered, you can save and submit your components to the RG Group for an immediate quotation with price and lead time.

Please consider utilizing the Parker Virtual Engineer the next time you have a need to size a pneumatic actuator by visiting You will really appreciate the ease of use, a wealth of important application information and the ability to get all of this information in a one-stop shop.

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