Need Help Sizing your Pneumatic Components? Use An Online Calculator

Compressed air is one of your facilities most expensive utilities and sizing your components appropriately is key to maintaining a cost-effective system. Parker has several sizing tools available at your fingertips to help you size your pneumatic components.

With the Parker Online Calculators, you can:

  • Evaluate your electricity costs for all sort of compressed air applications (leaks, airflow, cylinder operation, air saver, reverse-flow regulators
  • Calculate storage tank receiver sizes and capacities
  • Calculate valve/FRL sizing
  • Use their conversion tools

The compressed air electricity cost calculators will calculate the cost for each of your pneumatic leaks.

You can also calculate the electricity costs for your compressors fully loaded and partially loaded. You can check how much compressed and vacuum air passes through an open orifice. Up to 50% of this cost can be saved by using the new innovative Parker Air Saver unit and there’s a cost calculator for that too!

You can also calculate the cost for a reverse flow regulator and the operating costs of a cylinder. You can also calculate the size of an air received needed to maintain the proper system pressure based on your usage. If you know the bore, stroke and stroke time of your cylinder and the pressure, the Parker sizing tool will not only tell you the SCFM and Cv required for your application, it will also tell you which valves and air preparation products are properly sized for your application! The sizing tool provides links to the appropriate catalog information for you to review.

Another great feature on the sizing calculator is its conversion tools. It will convert millimeters to inches, bar to psi and NI per minute to SCFM.

The next time you pneed help sizing your pneumatic components, click on this link and let the Parker pneumatic calculator do the work for you and contact the RG Group to help you procure these cost-saving components for your next application!

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