Programming Cobot’s Just Got Easier!

Just two weeks ago, a new robotics company hit the scene in Germany – Wandelbots.

They have made a big splash in a short period of time. Wandelbots developed technology over the past two years that will give end customers the ability to program a cobot (collaborative robot) through movement. So… what exactly does that mean?

That means robots can learn what they need to do without programming or coding. The robot learns its movement through the wearable technology of the human who is teaching the robot.

Check out this example:

This system learns through repeat demonstrations. Even more intriguing, the more you repeat the task, the more the robot learns. It’s as close to artificial intelligence as we can get at this point.

So this begs the question, just how easy is this going to get for end-users? I would venture to say that the race to develop the easiest to use has already begun. Soon, programming or using a robot will be just as easy as using your smartphone.

Today our customers generally start with one collaborative robot and expand from there. Maybe they hire two or three engineers to work on this robot deployment with the intention of expansion. In the near future, people will order 20 robots at a time and have them deployed in a matter of days, if not hours.

Collaborative robotics distributors throughout the country are already selling as many as 200 robots annually in their regions. Reports and research have stated that this could be a huge market for us in the United States, and technology like this is going to make it even larger.

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