Robotics Trends for 2018

Time flies! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and soon another year will have passed. If you’ve been keeping track of our progress here at RG you may have seen that we have jumped into the deep end of the world of automation and robotics.

It’s been exciting. We’ve made investments in people, hardware, and sales efforts. We’ve sold, deployed and engaged with many new customers who are taking advantage of collaborative robotic technology and AMR’s.

So what’s coming in the next twelve months? According to Brandeis University’s research here are 5 trends we expect to see in 2018.

  1. Talent Demand and Salary Hikes for Robotics Jobs: by 2020 35% of robotics jobs will be unfilled. Median salaries in these positions will increase by 60%. (Source: IDC, International Data Corporation)
  2. The (RaaS Model) Robot As A Service: by 2020 the pay as you go model, with regard to robotics will be in place. It’s predicting that 30% of the market will make up the model.
  3. Governments will intervene: Rules, Unions, Gov’t Incentives will be put in place to keep humans on the factory floor.
  4. Collaborative Robots Increase: By 2020, 30% of all new robots manufactured will be collaborative.
  5. Increase in Cloud-Based Programming: More robots will be programmed remotely, in the cloud, in some cases by the vendor.


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