Sunsource Hydraulics Review 2019: What is Fluid Power Distribution?

Raise your hand if you know about fluid power distribution.

If your hand is down, you’re not alone.

It’s not exactly a topic that comes up in casual conversation.

The technical aspects of pneumatic and hydraulic systems can be tricky to follow. The good news is that we’ve laid down everything you need to know in a clear, accessible way.

Learn about fluid power distribution systems used at SunSource and read a review for 2019. Keep reading to find out how SunSource provides pneumatic fluid power, in this article

What is Fluid Power?

When talking about fluid power distribution, it’s helpful to first cover what fluid power itself means.

Fluid power is the term used to describe the method of using fluids under pressure to control, generate, and transmit power. It’s subdivided into hydraulics and pneumatics. Hydraulics is when liquids like mineral oil or water are used, while pneumatics refers to the use of gas, like air.

Historically, compressed-air and water-pressure systems transmitted power from a central source to users over vast geographic areas. However, fluid power systems today usually exist within one building or mobile machine.

So, how they work? Fluid power systems work by using a pressurized fluid bearing directly down on a piston in a cylinder or in a fluid motor. A fluid cylinder produces a force resulting in linear motion, while a fluid motor produces torque resulting in rotary motion.

The cylinders and motors power the fluid power system, both of which operate together to do the desired work. While control components like valves regulate the system.

Pneumatic System vs Hydraulic System

We’ve touched on the fact that fluid power systems break down into pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

SunSource provides the widest selection of hydraulic and pneumatic components and from leading suppliers. Examples of hydraulic components on offer include the following. Accumulators, Flow Dividers, Gearboxes, Cylinders, and Clamps (hose & pipe). These are only a few of the many products on offers.

SunSource has also expanded its connection with the industry’s top pneumatic suppliers. A range of cylinders, valves, air motors, flow meters, and gauges are now available.

When we talk about Pneumatics, we’re talking about a clean system suitable for food manufacturing processes and other processes that require no risk of contamination. In contrast, Hydraulics is generally not used in these environments. This is due to the risk of hydraulic oil leaks from faulty valves, seals or burst hoses.

In addition, Pneumatics offer a higher operating speed due to the rapid movement of cylinders. Because air is very agile and can flow quickly through pipes with little resistance. This means that air compressor flow rates are much faster than hydraulic oil which requires more energy to move.

Pneumatic systems also and have the great advantage of availability in very small sizes.

Hydraulics Lifts More

However, Pneumatics doesn’t have the potential force that hydraulics offers. The movement or lifting or heavier loads is best suited to Hydraulics over Pneumatics.

Hydraulics can smoothly move and lift loads because hydraulic oil isn’t compressible. In contrast, air can become jerky as the air pressure fluctuates.

Load changes and cylinder movement can both cause bumps and issues in pressure which lead to complications. Generally, you’ll need a much larger Pneumatic cylinder to get the same force that a hydraulic ram can produce.

Who is Sunsouce?

SunSource has been providing Industrial America with fluid processing solutions, fluid power, and motion control.

Through providing these services, SunSource works to improve equipment and plant performance.

They pride themselves on their ability to provide the highest quality products and most efficient customer support. Their world-class standards help make the production process operate as smoothly as possible.

It’s simple. When your production process runs efficiently, your bottom line improves.

SunSource is unique in its vast industry knowledge and experience. They’ve been serving equipment manufacturers from a variety of different mines, mills, factories, plants. In line with this, an array of experienced Technical Specialists and Account Managers are ready to assist you. They can meet your needs no matter what they may be.

Commitment to Quality

SunSource is proud of its commitment to quality. They only support the highest quality manufacturers, allowing you total peace of mind. You can rest assured knowing you’re receiving the most cost-effective treatment. Along with this, your application will get reviewed and processed immediately. We know that time is money.

The goal at SunSource is to be there for customers when they’re most needed. Because of this, they have a number of strategically placed distribution centers. This means that products and support are locally available, no matter your location. Deliveries are also fast and reliable.

In addition to this, SunSource ensures they’re always stocked with the highest quality products. They stock over 30 million dollars worth of product from over 300 of the most recognized fluid power manufacturers in the world.

This is great news for you, as you’ll receive the correct part, at the right time, delivered quickly to your specified location.

Sunsouce Fluid Power

After reading this, it’s clear that SunSource offers top-notch fluid power distribution systems. The company enjoys an impressive reputation fuelled by a seamless customer-service model.

In addition, their reputation has been built in part by merging a select group of power distribution companies. Every single one has a proven track record or excellent customer-service and each is an industry leader in their own area.

There are over 54 branches, service and repair facilities. In addition, 5 distribution hubs link to the facilities to ensure seamless delivery. For more information about SunSource’s nationwide network, please contact us.

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