The RG Group – Finding Ways to Save Energy and Money

Have you ever tried to save your company costs in your manufacturing processes? Often times, you need to think outside of the box. At RG group, we are very adept at finding innovative ways of saving manufacturing costs. Take the Atlas Copco variable speed drive vacuum pumps for instance. A customer in Lancaster Pennsylvania was able to do just that, save manufacturing costs by saving on their KW energy consumption.

During a discussion with the Engineering and Manufacturing manager, we were able to target the vacuum consumption as a viable means of saving money with the Atlas Copco variable speed drive vacuum pump. Take a look at the facts:

  • Reduced the current 30 HP system down to a 20 HP system
  • Reduced the HG usage from 25 HG down to 21 HG [120,000 KWh per year]
  • Got the customer a $7205.00 PPL Green Energy rebate on the purchase of the Atlas Copco VSD vacuum pump
  • Were also able to idle a chiller that was cooling the water-cooled old vacuum pump. This also is saving money daily. The Atlas Copco unit is air-cooled.
  • Lowered the DB level in the plant [pump house]

If you are looking for ways to save on your manufacturing costs, RG Group is here to help do just that. Whether it be a new VSD vacuum pump, or pneumatic and hydraulic systems, we will find ways to add savings to your bottom line.

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