Where are Hydraulic Pumps Used?

Hydraulic pumps are an integral component of every hydraulic transmission system. It is the hydraulic pump that is tasked with converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. This process is facilitated by the pump inputting a force in a way that creates a flow of the hydraulic fluid. It is the pressure within the hydraulic fluid that facilitates the transfer from mechanical energy to hydraulic.

The most basic model of hydraulic pump is the hand pump. These are ideal for any situation that requires a low power application and a prime mover is either too expensive or unavailable. A hand pump can be used as a primary power source such as hydraulic power tools or a bench top hydraulic press. A hand pump can also be used as an auxiliary power source. This can include functions such as releasing hydraulic brakes on a tractor-trailer. The power input for a hand pump is low. Most humans can only input one-tenth of one horsepower for a maximum of a few seconds. Due to this low power, most hand pump applications are slow and can reach approximately 10,000 psi.

The typical hydraulic pump operates with an input powered by an internal combustion engine (Gasoline Pumps). Other pumps are powered an electric motor. Generally the combustion engine or electric motor input the mechanical energy into the hydraulic pump through a rotor or rotors. The mechanical energy will power the rotor, which will turn within the pump and transfer the mechanical energy to the hydraulic fluid. When the reciprocal force applied to the hydraulic liquid is high enough it will cause flow equal to the displacement volume of the pump. This process will also be affected by the rotational speed of the rotors.

There is a wide array of uses for hydraulic pumps such as the line from Enerpac. These pumps are installed in nearly every piece of mobile or industrial hydraulic machinery. Mobile machinery typically uses hydraulic pumps more frequently than industrial machinery. This is the case because mobile machinery rarely uses electric actuators. Hydraulic pumps are also frequently found on forestry equipment, mining machinery, excavators, dump trucks, cranes, graders, loaders, vacuum trucks, tractors and a host of other types of machinery.

It is still common to see hydraulic pumps in use in industrial environments. Generally speaking, hydraulic pumps are used more frequently in cases where the application is severe. Hydraulic pumps are most commonly found in steel mills, foundries, lifts, conveyors, injection molding machines, shear and stamping presses, mixers, forklifts, pallet jacks and more.

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