Why Use the Parker Global P33 Safety Exhaust Valves

Are you a machine builder looking to get your machines pneumatic systems up to ISO and OSHA code? Do you perform risk assessments on your machines but you are not sure if your safety exhaust systems are up to code? Then look no further than the Parker P33 Safety Exhaust valve.

Parkers P33 Safety Exhaust Valve is European machine directive code 2006/42/EC compliant as well as OSH and CSA compliant with its redundant internal design and patented cross flow technology.

Do you have to perform ISO-13849-1 risk assessments for your machines for risk elimination, machine safeguarding and information about machine dangers? If so, Parker has you covered all the way to safety performance level E and category 4 safety. The P33 safety valves have a high MTTFd (Mean Time To Dangerous failure) values. They also have high diagnostic coverage valves, B10d values and flow and exhaust flow rates. The units can be externally monitored and are very easily reset and to wire with 2 M12 connectors. The P33 Safety valves can be provided with an adjustable soft start and feature a compact size for their rated flow and have a non-clogging exhaust valve. The P33 design can be modularly connected to the Parker P32 or P33 series Global FRL systems as well as the many accessory products Parker offers, to give you a clean, aesthetically pleasing look and high performance functional system for your OEM equipment. Please view the professional videos and literature demonstrating the features and capabilities of this product for your safety applications.

The next time you’re building new equipment and you find through your risk assessment that a performance level E catalog 3 or 4 safety valve is required, please consider the patented Parker P33 Global Safety Valve for your application. The safety and performance of this valve is unrivaled in the pneumatic industry.

Learn more from this detailed video created by Parker.

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