Why Viking Extreme Valves are Perfect in Cold Weather

Are you feeling that chill in the air this time of year? If you’re not, your pneumatic valves in remote or mobile applications sure are! Have you had issues where you pneumatic valves freeze and won’t shift causing you valuable down time? Do you have to frequently replace your pneumatic valves in cold or harsh environments? Do your current pneumatic valves have a high leakage rate at low temperatures costing you precious revenue with lost compressed air? If you’re looking for a solution for these tough applications that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Viking Extreme series of valves from Parker.

You receive many performance and cost values when you employ Viking Extreme valves in your harsh applications. First, you are getting a standard product with extreme pressure and temperature specifications. There are a wide variety of solenoid and manual operators available. You can also choose from four different port sizes as standard. These valves have stainless steel end fasteners, internal springs and solenoid armatures that resist corrosion in wet environments and can be mounted either inline or to a subbase for multiple valve applications. These valves are used in some of the most demanding applications, such as, oil & gas, agricultural, forestry, transportation and rail just to name a few.

The Parker Viking Extreme series of valves that can be mounted either as a single inline valve or on an aluminum bar manifold for multiple valve applications. The port sizes available are 1/8”, ¼”, 3/8” or ½” NPT with flows of .5 to 2.7 CV. The valves are pressure rated from a minimum of vacuum up to a max PSI of 232 psig and temperature rated from -40 degrees to +140 degrees F. These valves also have a very low leakage rate even at extreme temperatures. The Viking Extreme valves are tested to have a leakage rate below 100 sccm at -10 degrees F, while competitive products commonly have leakage rates exceeding 18,000 sccm at these temperatures. The valves have been tested for +5G shock and vibration under testing NF EN61373 Category 1 Class B. They have also been exposed to salt spray testing and have surpassed 500 hours with no overrides and 200 hours with non-locking overrides. Depending on your needs, you can receive the following certifications and approvals: IP65, RoHS, CE, CSE & CRN, ATEX, hazardous duty and intrinsically safe options. In addition to DIN connectors, the valve solenoids can also be supplied with Deutsch connectors for transportation applications.

So, don’t leave your pneumatic valves out in the cold this winter. Upgrade to the Parker Viking Extreme series of valves from Parker and let us help you keep your pneumatic equipment running at peak performance even in the most extreme applications.

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