7 Ways Mobile Industrial Robots Can Help With Labor Shortages

4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August of 2021. For many businesses, finding people to take their places has been extremely difficult. People want higher wages and better working conditions, but for businesses that can’t provide, there’s an alternative to human labor they should consider.

Mobile industrial robots aren’t a new concept, but the technology behind them has vastly improved. If you’re struggling to find human workers, robotic ones can get the job done just as well. Sometimes, they can even do it faster and better.

When you’re considering mobile industrial robots, here are 7 ways they can help with labor shortages and keep your business running.

1. Making Things Easier for Consumers

As someone running a business, you know customers don’t like to wait. Consumers are demanding better products, faster delivery, and higher quality service. Labor shortages frustrate consumers and can cost you valuable business.

MIR mobile industrial robots can keep your business running. They can keep shipping services going, even if there are no people around. This way, consumers will get their products quickly.

Some robots can also stand in for customer service. Using a touchscreen robot can make placing a food order at a restaurant easy to do without the need of human labor. This is also a great option for consumers who don’t want to interact with another person in order to get what they need.

2. Increasing Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is a huge demand for human workers, especially in the industrial field. Mobile industrial robots like the MiR1350 can help make the workplace safer. A safer workplace means you can bring back human labor for the things robots can’t do.

Repetitive tasks, like the transportation of pallets, can be dangerous, backbreaking labor for humans. But an industrial mobile robot can spend all day moving pallets without any risk of injury. These robots can also move bigger, heavier products without the possibility of getting hurt.

Stories about robots accidentally running into people are a thing of the past. Modern industrial robots have advanced software and technology that can sense anything around them, and stop them if they’re about to hit something. The cameras on the MiR1350 help it avoid obstacles and reroute to the most efficient path possible for the task at hand.

3. Lowering Labor Costs

One of the biggest appeals for businesses to add mobile industrial robots is the reduction in labor costs. Having to pay workers can be a huge expense for businesses, and no one wants to work for free. Wanting to be paid a living wage is one of the biggest causes for the labor shortage.

Robots, on the other hand, don’t need to be paid by the hour. All you have to do is pay the one-time fee to add them to your company, plus general maintenance. This cost is far lower than having to pay a person for the same job.

Another factor that goes into industrial labor costs is the cost of workplace injuries. Workplace injuries can result in fines, damage to your company’s reputation, and a labor shortage while your human worker heals. Sometimes, the injuries are so bad, your worker won’t be able to come back.

Mobile industrial robots use safety sensors to prevent accidents from happening. If your robot does get damaged, you can fix it quickly or replace it instantly.

With all the money you’re saving with these robots, you can put it back into your company or into your pocket. The extra money can be invested into newer products, or better benefits for the people who do work for you.

4. Higher Productivity Levels

Robots don’t need to take breaks. They don’t need to use the bathroom. And, they don’t need to sleep.

The ability for mobile industrial robots to rur 24/7 without a break can increase productivity across the board. You can guarantee same day delivery no matter what time of day the product is ordered because the robot can retrieve it.

Inventory checks can be done by mobile industrial robots, which will eliminate any human errors. This will keep your website up to date and prevent any inventory problems.

Robots can also do meaningless, repetitive tasks like transportation of pallets faster than a human. This frees up human laborers to do more important tasks.

5. No Training Needed

People need to be trained for tasks. Many industrial businesses are having a hard time finding workers who have the skills needed in order to complete tasks. Training takes time, money, and planning to get done for human laborers.

Mobile industrial robots, on the other hand, don’t need to be trained. All you have to do is update their programming every once and awhile to optimize their workflow.

Only having to update the robots means you never have to worry about not having workers who know what they’re doing. Mobile industrial robots can keep up with any industrial need that might arise.

6. Keeping Everything at Home

One of the biggest reasons labor is moving out of the United States is the demand for cheap labor. Cheap, overseas labor is a great solution for cost cutting, but it puts a lot of demand on the supply chain.

The current supply chain is damaged, so products from overseas are not able to get to US consumers fast enough. This leads to empty shelves, long shipping dates, and unhappy consumers.

Mobile industrial robots can keep labor at home. The cost of these robots is lower than human labor, which means you can still have cheap labor without worrying about supply chain issues. You can certify that your products are made in the United States, too.

7. Easy to Learn to Use

Some companies hesitate to switch to mobile industrial robots because they can appear difficult to use. As technology has advanced, so has user-friendliness.

The MiR1350 can be operated with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It is easy to program and you don’t need to be an engineer to do it. This robot is meant to help you get the job done, so using it and programming it is easy.

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