Automating Information Delivery to Customers

Customers today are accustomed to having instant access to information and quick response for everything.  Using technology to automate proactive delivery of useful information to your customers saves time and demonstrates that you understand what your customer needs.  It allows you to reach your customers promptly and demonstrate proactive customer service.  Here are a few ways technology can help you deliver information to your customers.


  • Automated tracking emails – Customers want to know where their shipment is and how to track it. Many ERP systems have the ability to send automated alerts that include tracking information.  There are many inexpensive third party service providers that can extract that information and send it to your customers.


  • Automate updates on customer inquiries – One of the main components in delivering your customer experience is keeping your customers up to date on pending items. Although the goal is to fully service the customer at the first point of contact, some things will not be resolved immediately.  Keeping your customer informed with automated alerts is a way technology can help you.  Most CRM systems include cases or other features to help manage customer interactions.  Creating alerts when status changes that are automated is a good way to keep your customer updated as you move through the process.


  • Automate order status updates – On time delivery is a key component to customer satisfaction. As much as we strive to deliver on time every time delays may occur.  Notifying your customer as soon as you know is very important to them.  It gives them the opportunity to react in their organization and decisions to change how or where the order is shipping may need to be made.  Obviously, doing this personally is ideal.  But having an automated system to alert customers of changes can help with real time notification.


  • Automate customer feedback – When your customer interacts with you it’s important to know if you met their needs. They are not likely to call in to give you that feedback on your own.  Using automation of surveys and touchpoints after customer interactions is a great way to get feedback.  Timing of the communication is key to ensure they have an opportunity to tell you about their experience while it’s fresh in their mind.


When using automation to help deliver information it’s important to make sure it feels personal.  Include the customer’s name as well as a contact person at your organization.  This will enable them to get in touch with your customer service team if they need something else.   As expectations for the customer experience broaden technology can be a real benefit to your organization and your customers.

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