Flexible Outsource Manufacturing Services

One size does not always fit all which is why RG Group offers a service called Flexible Outsource Manufacturing. Today’s most successful companies understand that delivering quality cost efficiently and effectively is the key to success. With an agile engineering, development, prototyping, and customer service team who is fast, flexible, and willing to work with you on your schedule RG Group brings product manufacturers and distributors a distinct advantage in the marketplace. We provide comprehensive outsource manufacturing capabilities that deliver quality and profitability so you can focus on building your sales and customer satisfaction, without the substantial capital requirements of an extensive manufacturing operation.

RG Group offers ISO certified Design and Manufacturing service, combined with a robust supply chain in a cost effective single source solution. The scalability offered by the RG Flexible outsourced approach allows smaller companies to compete and creates a competitive advantage for the emerging brand as they move from first articles or prototyping to full production requirements. RG Group combines unique skills and resources to serve as the contract manufacturing and logistics arm of our clients. Here, engineers, operations experts, procurement, logistics and quality personnel work together to maximize company performance and profitability. Whether domestically or internationally supplied, we coordinate all aspects of the manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and shipping process.

We provide on-demand services including product design & development, quick-turn prototyping, and outsourced contract manufacturing. Our engineers work closely with company management to identify performance criteria and execute programs that deliver reliable results. We then provide reporting, proactive ideas, and feedback to continually deliver on those goals.

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