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Opportunity: Design and build custom hydraulic system for braking control of large motion simulator.

Result: RG Group built and delivered a complete hydraulic system, including hydraulic cylinders, power units, proportional control manifolds and accumulators. The system solved the challenge of deceleration and braking of a large electric actuator. In an ironic twist, the original motion simulator design was hydraulic, then later was changed to a large electric actuator. During the design process, it was discovered that while the electric actuator had the capability to move and control the load, it did not have the capacity to decelerate and stop the load-hydraulics to the rescue!!

The RG Advantage: The RG Team was able to provide a completely assembled, fully integrated hydraulic system, pre-tested and ready for installation. We worked directly with our customer to solve the complex control scheme required to achieve the desired result-accurate dynamic control with safety and redundancy features.

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