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Putting the Pieces Together with a Diversity of Assembly Options

RG Group manufacturing and assembly expertise enabled a seamless process to reduce costs, increase productivity and enhance ROI

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Equipment Manufacturer


Engineered Solutions;
Assembly/Sub Assembly

How it began

A major device cleaning manufacturer was looking for a way to increase their tube assembly productivity.

How it evolved
Utilizing an extensive understanding of plastics production, RG Group was selected to analyze existing technologies then determine an action plan that would employ both production and assembly options.

How it was resolved
Upon reviewing the current size and methods of production, RG Group developed a solution that involved reducing the tube size at the extruding facility through an over mold manufacturing technique. This process simplified the production further, incorporating RG Group’s assembly capabilities by providing a fully assembled component.

Trusted Expertise, delivered
This RG Group solution enabled the customer to receive and install a finished product. This eliminated deficiencies, expedited assembly and fostered the production of a more robust product that was easier to manufacture.

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