Manufacturer of CPAP Machinery

Breathing New Life Into Solution Options for This CPAP Manufacturer

A combination of RG Group resources and products, resulted an outcome that met government specifications and yielded big consumer results

Manufacturer of CPAP

Oxygen Quick Connectors

Vendor and RG Group
Engineered Solutions

How it began
A top manufacturer of CPAP and Ventilator machines needed a convenient way to connect an oxygen inlet to their devices. After an internal review, they leaned towards a quick coupler rather than a barbed fitting, determining it would be better received in the home heath care space, as well as the hospital market.

How it evolved
The foundation for many of the RG Group projects start at the design stage. Having the engineering expertise and strategic vendor partners to provide unique fluid and gas connection solutions for this market, this manufacture confidently chose RG Group.

How it was resolved
The RG Group utilized fluid handling technologies to meet project requirements, developing a robust connector system for the machine side and a disposable, break-away connector for the insert side – at a cost-effective price point.

Trusted Expertise, delivered
As a result of this solution, the customer’s product was well received by the consumer market. Additionally, they were awarded a government BARDA contract to supply stock for equipment used during the pandemic.

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