Intra-Aortic Balloon (IABP) Counterpulsation Therapy

Putting It All Together in One Comprehensive Package

A turnkey solution that utilized a full-spectrum of RG Group capabilities, resulted in measurable results across all metrics

Intra-Aortic Balloon (IABP)
Counterpulsation Therapy

Engineered Solutions;
Contract Manufacturing;
Assembly; Distribution

How it began
Not having the expertise or logistical capability to handle all the intricate components a new project, a leading medical device company was looking for a turnkey solution.

How it evolved
With an extensive menu of manufacturing, vendor managed inventory and engineering capabilities, the RG Group was contracted to create a solution that encompassed all aspects of the project, including manufacturing, assembly, testing and shipping.

How it was resolved
The RG Group’s engineering team developed a test bench process to check for helium leaks at a pressure of 6,000 PSI, resulting in product integrity being 100%. Manufacturing, assembly, testing and shipping of the finished product used to deliver high pressure helium into therapeutic applications were all handled seamlessly by one source, the RG Group.

Trusted Expertise, delivered
Ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout each stage of the process was of paramount importance to this customer. The partnership with this client spans 10 years and still employs the supply chain,expertise that allows for the continued production of reliable assemblies for this critical market.

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