Enerpa’s PTW-Series Pneumatic Torque Wrench is like a Leatherman’s Tool on Steroids

Manufacturers of powered torque devices are many. When considering breadth of product and innovation toward application, one manufacturer shines. Enerpac is that manufacturer. Their broad product offering provides solutions for lifting, bolting, and work holding applications. By bringing innovation to application, Enerpac products provide real solutions. One such solution is the PTW-Series Pneumatic Torque Wrench. Although most associate Enerpac with hydraulic power, the company manufactures a series of pneumatically driven torque wrenches. Challenges in the Mining, Power Generation, and Oil & Gas industries that restrict the use of hydraulically or electrically driven tools are answered by the PTW.

Enerpac’s PTW-Series Torque Wrench is also rugged and versatile. A low friction gearbox contributes to the PTW’s durability. Although the PTW features a standard reaction arm, optional reaction arms are available. With both a 1” and 1 ½” drives, the PTW utilizes a wide range of socket sizes. Designed with the operator in mind, the PTW is also ergonomic. Low vibration lessens operator fatigue, and vibration related injuries. It is also quiet enough for indoor applications. Enerpac offers a FRL Unit designed for use with the PTW. Providing the tool with clean, and properly lubricated air. Whether you are maintaining heavy equipment, servicing turbines, or are making up flange bolts, Enerpac’s PTW-Series Pneumatic Torque Wrench does the job.

Seeing the emphasis Enerpac places on innovation and durability, it is understandable that the company would work to provide excellent service when a tool requires repair. In order to become an Authorized Enerpac Service Center, the potential service provider undergoes a thorough vetting process. Among the many requirements to become/ remain an Authorized Service Center are: potential Service Technicians must complete factory training, Authorized Service Centers must use original Enerpac parts for repair, and providers are required to maintain inventory. Authorized Service Centers also receive training with the release of new or updated products. Authorized Service Centers are regularly audited for compliance to Enerpac’s standards.

RG Group’s Fluid Component Services Division is now the only Authorized Enerpac Service Center in the State of West Virginia. We are authorized to service both the Enerpac and Simplex brands. With inventory in place to support sales and service, and with trained technicians, FCS is ready to assist you with your bolting, lifting, or work holding needs. RG Group’s Fluid Component Services also works with Enerpac to offer “on location” training to our customers. If you have an interest in, or are in need of, Enerpac or Simplex products or services, please contact me at: [email protected]; or call at: 304-360-4529.

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