Why Enerpac’s Z Class Pump Deliver Reliability

Enerpac’s tradition of innovation stretches back to 1910, when the company’s progenitor provided water pumps to the Ford Motor Company. In the 1920’s the company moved into the world of hydraulics. Adopting the Enerpac brand name in the 1950’s, the company has since become a global leader in development and manufacture of hydraulic tools.

Today, many torque wrench users demand pumps that offer greater repeatability. Users need to make-up a large number of joints to an exact torque value. Other users require explosion proof operation. Still others ask for durability and ease of maintenance. Enerpac’s new Z Class Pumps provide solutions to all of these challenges, and more.

With a well-known reputation for durability, Enerpac improved on the existing pumps design by engineering a two stage, self-priming pump. Because the pump producers less friction it can deliver up to three times the life of comparable torque wrench pumps. Quieter operation also allows for use in environmentally sensitive applications. A redesigned valve featuring fewer moving parts contributes to enhanced durability. An ergonomic/ non-conductive handle makes transportation easier.

Z Class Pumps are in electrically or air driven models. A wide range of accessories can provide additional functionality and durability. Gauge overlays can be added for specific applications. Roll cages can provide the unit additional protection. Multiport tools will allow the pump to operate up to four torque wrenches simultaneously. If you have any questions regarding Enerpac’s Z Class Pumps or would like a quote on a specific unit, please contact me at: [email protected]


For more research go to:

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ZU4 Pump: https://www.enerpac.com/en-us/industrial-tools-imperial/mechanical-hydraulic-bolting-tools/hydraulic-bolting-torque-wrench-pumps/zu4-series-electric-torque-wrench-pumps

ZAT Air Driven Pump: https://www.enerpac.com/en-us/industrial-tools-imperial/mechanical-hydraulic-bolting-tools/hydraulic-bolting-torque-wrench-pumps/za4t-series-air-driven-torque-wrench-pumps

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