Guide to Selecting The Proper Hose or Tubing For Your Project

When you need to order tubing from RG, remember the word STAMP. This is an easy way to make sure that you will be getting the correct material for your project.

SIZE: Tubing is always measured by outside dimensions. See Table 10 for size chart dependent on pressure, return, or suction

TEMPERATURE: Temperature can derate tubing. Working pressures are at ambient 72 deg F temperature.

APPLICATION: Seamless versus welded. Static versus dynamic. Pressure, return, or suction

MEDIA: Gas and Fluid have different pressure ratings. If you are matching fittings use the same material as the ferrule. (ie 4-4 CBZ-SS will use ¼” OD Stainless Steel tubing)

PRESSURE: Gas and Fluid have different pressure ratings.



(Tables 2 through 7) Ratings in gray not suitable for gas service