How Parker’s Air Saver Systems Helps Improve Processes and Saves Money

Air blow off applications got you feeling flat? Parker’s Air Saver systems can help improve your process and save you money!

Did you know that compressed air is likely your factory’s most expensive utility? Air leaks alone can be costing you thousands of dollars every year and inappropriate or wasteful uses of air can cost just as much or more. Are you currently considering adding additional compressor capacity? Do your air blow off applications perform as well as you expect them to? Do you need to reduce your CO2 emissions?

Parker may have the solution to all of your cost, capacity and performance issues with the new Air Saver. The new Air Saver converts a continuous flow of air into agitated pulsed air flow. The conversion of continuous flow to pulsed flow can reduce consumption of compressed air by up to 50%. This reduction in air consumption saves you money in the use of less compressed air and reduced CO2 emissions. In fact, even though you are using less air, in many cases, the agitated pulse output of the Air Saver is more efficient and effective than the continuous flow.

(Watch Video: Parker’s Air Saver Units Cut Energy Costs by 50%)

Some of the most common applications for the Air Saver are chip/debris removal, labeling/ionized air, agitation and sortation, and cleaning and drying. The Air Savers can be used in painting or food/FDA applications with the use of the WP and 200/5000 series units. The Air Saver unit is very cost effective any many applications will have an ROI of less than 1 year.

With the use of the Parker Air Saver, you can answer many of air system cost, capacity and performance concerns, all with a quick ROI.

Savings Example: 


Please contact us and we will be happy to review your application and provide a cost analysis of up to 5 years on the use of the Air Saver on your compressed air blow off applications.

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