Need a Hydraulic Repair Service?

When you look for a hydraulic repair service what do you look for? Do you go online and search, looking for expertise, product focus… testing? I am in a unique position because I have been on both sides of this question, looking for both repaired equipment and repairing equipment. This is what I value and need from a hydraulic repair service:

1. Experience
Because hydraulic repair is often not a do-it-yourself venture, you should rely on someone who has years of experience, particularly working on expensive and sophisticated control products like piston pumps, directional control valves and vane pumps.

2. Commitment to excellence
Expect a company that is committed to making sure that when you get your repaired or remanufactured equipment back, it runs without a hitch, whether it’s a Dennison P11, Danfoss 90 series pump or a VOAC bent axis motor.

3. Failure Analysis
Look for a company that doesn’t just rebuild a pump, motor or valve and hand it back to you, but looks down the road, giving you usable detailed information. You should expect failure analysis, product testing results and steps you and your team can take to prevent future breakdowns. Your service partner should be able to explain to you what went wrong, how it was fixed and how to avoid a repeat failure.

4. Strong core competencies
Because hydraulics are used in such diverse industries, partner with a team of hydraulic and control technicians that have mastered the basics as well as a few specialized areas. When repairs are needed in such diverse places as the deck of a massive Navy sea vessel or on the field at the world’s largest football championship game, you need adaptability, diversity and the ability to troubleshoot under extreme conditions (think MacGyver).

You may ask yourself, why does all of this expertise matter in my situation? I specialize in oil field completions equipment, specifically the troubleshooting, rebuilding and maintenance of snubbing and coil tubing equipment. Our team includes a master diesel mechanic with years of oil field equipment repair and maintenance experience. He specializes in Cummins diesel engines, truck maintenance, DOT inspection, coil tubing, pressure pumping andfracking equipment. Between us, we’ve seen more breakdowns, failures and destruction and picked up the pieces more often than you could imagine!

RG Group’s Repair Service Center and our newly opened RG Marcellus Shale Service Center understand the steps necessary to maintain equipment and to how to keep your rigs running. We know how to diagnose problems by understanding your specific equipment, creating preventative maintenance plans, working to create and implement SOP changes, creating critical inventory lists and actually backing our customer.

Our suppliers are not just our vendors but also our partners and friends. We combine the experience, product knowledge, commitment to excellence and trusted expertise to create a powerful partner in creating and stabilizing your company’s competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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