Oilless Vacuum Pump Offers Versatility and Improved Control

For an excellent compression service that doesn’t require oil, consider the oilless vacuum pump. This series features easy to operate dry pumps that supply superior control within a cool and quiet environment. They are a superior alternative to noisy oil-sealed pumps that don’t offer easy process control.

In addition to being the most quiet pumps on the marketplace, oilless vacuum pumps feature a compact design that easily accommodates molecular drag modules, backed by appropriate diaphragm modules. This ensures that the fluid flows in a consistent volume and at a constant pace throughout the entire pumping process. Because each module operates separately, there are no interruptions to the fluid flow throughout the pumping process.

Without the need to use oil, there is also a complete absence of oil traces throughout the pumping process. When using an oilless vacuum pump, no oil traps or filtration accessories are necessary. The pumps continue to work at high speed, allowing the fluid being moved to reach high velocities at the most efficient operational speeds.

Another unique benefit to this oil free series of vacuum pumps is a time and money-saving backing that is easy to clean, a uniquely designed and highly efficient turbo mode backing. The oil free pump proves more efficient and reliable than the mechanical variety. The pump structure can easily be repaired or redesigned without bake out or cryogenic procedures.

Compared to their mechanical counterparts that require oil, oil free pumps are more versatile and cost efficient for moving gas and other viscous fluids. Compared to transferring liquids in a non-compressed form, oilless vacuum pumps guarantee condensable fluid movement that is more effective, faster and simply more efficient. Contact RG Group for suggestions on the best oilless vacuum pumps to meet your specific needs. RG Group has a reputation for consistently delivering the best value you can find on superior oilless vacuum pumps.

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